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Thread: is it time for pfb to close down??

  1. JeffHaas Guest

    yeah, threads such as this do not seem to help. Post to post. Comic book fans should be used to not being the cool kids anyways.

  2. Slither Guest

    It's true that negative posts, whiel they DO generate traffic, are not going to draw in new folk, IMO.

    If you're lurking and all the threads you see are negative, whether it's about comics, movies, or the forums/board itself, you just mkight steer clear of that place afterwards. Unless, of course, you agree with the negative comments and wanna join in. But, for every 2 negative posters you get, you may miss out on 15 others.

    Now, that said, I'm one of the most negative people on here. And I've posted less due to my negativity and the lack of traffic here.

    I like this place. It's what SHC was BEFORE all the idiots took over and ruined it. And it's a crime that they supposedly have traffic and this place does not. Mind, I think their traffic is the same buncha morons insulting each other, so nuff said about that.

    I'm not sure what the solution is for this place, but as has been said, it's hard to erase what's been said in the past. And I KNOW this place garnered a ton of heat on Gail Simone's boards due to someone's attempt to be funny at her expense. Maybe even repeatedly.

    So, does that speak to more Mod/Admin monitoring? Is the ban on bad language the key? Or is the lax environment the right solution and folk just need to chillax and wait?

    Don't know... but, I'll keep my negative nose outta here for awhile and see if that helps.

  3. TomLupo Guest


  4. TomLupo Guest

    OH, AND.....


  5. JeffHaas Guest

    If you do not like, than do not post. Are you trying to build traffic for your forums but knocking this one?

  6. Flyattractor Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffHaas View Post
    If you do not like, than do not post. Are you trying to build traffic for your forums but knocking this one?

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    Thread closed. We've explained that the forums are just a small portion of the site. No need to keep rehashing the same stuff over and over.

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