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Thread: Summer CBM's

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    Summer CBM's

    Okay, I know I'm a bit behind....but being a full time student with three kids, I tend to wait for movies to hit one of the two second run theaters in the area. So, I talked a bit recently about finally seeing Thor, which I absolutely loved, and it made me want to see Captain America that much more. So, today, we finally went to see Green Lantern.

    If you have not yet seen it, there will be spoilers following (and I don't know how to do that little hidden text/spoiler thing!)

    First off, I want to say, that I did very much enjoy the movie. I don't know a lot about the GL mythos, as by the time I started reading GL books, it was the Kyle Rayner era, so Hal wasn't fact, if I remember right, when I was reading is when Kyle was the ONLY GL around. The only Hal stuff I am familiar with was from my Uncle's Brave and the Bold comics from the 60's and 70's. So....that being said, what I know about Hal and his origin seemed to mostly be followed here. But, one thing I did not think they should have done in the first movie was introduce Parallax. I know it's not the same Parallax/Hal Jordan story...but the way Parallax was used and described in the movie made it out to be way too big and powerful of a villain for Hal's first adventure. I don't know who many of GL's villains are other than Sinestro and Star Sapphire (which I loved that Carol Ferris's call sign was Sapphire...), but I would think someone fairly powerful, but not quite on the level of this Parallax would have been better. To go on through the whole movie about multiple GL's not being able to defeat him, and then having Hal defeat him all on his own in the end was too much to me. Anyway...other than Parallax, I thought this was a pretty good movie...but was not nearly as enjoyable as Thor.

    Now to wait for Captain America and Harry Potter to hit the $3 theaters....I missed X-Men at one, but they have yet to get to the other, so I may still get my chance to see it in the theaters.

  2. trusty Guest

    Green Lantern is a movie that I think that people overly critique with. Part of the reason is that all the talent from creative to the actors made people expect more, but at the same time it should not be getting worse reviews than other comic book movies that were bad standing with critics and the fans. I really loved it too but I think it was stupid that they did Parallax. It would have been so much better if they did a Manhunters arc with Sinestro having to show Hal the ropes that way you also get the development between Hal and Sinestro. And I think that was everyone's biggest problem: no one was developed outside of Hal. Yes he is the main character but the GL mythos has their supporting characters very well fleshed out so that is likely what bugged people also. As to complains about the CGI...I can't understand why people said it had shitty CGI (the design for Parallax was dumb to begin with so I didn't expect to like its appearances with the CGI so I'm looking at everything else). Some people thought it was dumb that he made certain constructs like the car and race track and the jets...but I'm thinking "is it really that silly and stupid? if it was just a bland construct that served the same purpose that would've excited you more?".

    So overall, I enjoyed GL for what it was: a fun movie with a simple plot.

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    I went into Green Lantern thinking that it would be less than phenomenal so I wasn't really that let down. Just thinking about Green Lantern in general, it would be a very hard movie to make. I was happy to see a ringslinger finally hit the movies but like I said I didn't expect it to be epic. I wasn't thrilled that Ryan Reynolds was cast as Hal but he did his own take on the character, which was entertaining but not how I envisioned Hal from comics. I agree they shouldn't have used Parallax for this movie, but give it a few years and they'll probably reboot it anyway. LOL

  4. Jamesdlogan Guest

    The Manhunters would have been an interesting opening movie. I just did a search for GL villains, and Sinestro and the Manhunters were #'s 1 and 2 on the list of vilest GL villains, so they would have been a really good choice.

  5. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Scott: I wasn't expecting too much either. And, fortunately like I said, I don't know alot about the GL (and especially Hal's) backstory. While Ryan Reynolds is known best for his smartass attitude, which is the direction taken with Hal somewhat, I think he is a lot more talented than people give him credit for. After watching Amityville Horror, I had a new respect for his acting abilities:-) they are already planning the next movie...and say it is going to be a better story for Hal...we shall see...

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    I do like the idea of the Manhunters going crazy and the Green Lantern Corps being created to deal with them. The only problem with that is that Hal Jordan (and anyone who got a ring after him) wouldn't be in it.

  7. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Okay...latest update on my summer CBM watching....

    So, I bought X-Men: First Class on Blue-Ray today...(third Blue-Ray I have bought, first one I have watched since I got my PS3). I have to say, that this movie was amazing. Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy were fantastic as Xavier and Magneto. While I was not happy about some of the changes (especially the specific characters used) I thought the characterizations of the two main characters were excellent, and the core concept of the X-Men remains intact, whether the specific story points are there or not. Which, I feel, is what truly makes the X-Men who and what they's not about the specific characters (except for Xavier and Magneto), it's about the struggle with being a mutant and being feared and hated by the normal humans.

    The downsides for me: I didn't care much for Kevin Bacon as Shaw. I recently read that there were only ever two actors considered for this role...and I think the other, Colin Firth, would have been the much better choice. I was also not impressed with Emma Frost...she just did not feel right. The rest of the kids were alright, and the Mystique/Charles/Magneto twist in the story was a pretty interesting addition. My wife and I had just taken a History course this summer that covered United States History from World War I to the present. For part of the class we had to watch the movie '13 Days' and write a paper about the movie in comparison to the actual Cuban Missile one one hand, it was pretty interesting to see how they incorporated this into the story-line...on the other hand, we both kept pointing out the discrepancies between the actual events and what was happening in the movie.

    I definitely feel that this is, by far, the best of the X-Men movies so far. I actually look forward to seeing a sequel. And (minor spoiler following)........

    I loved the Rebecca Romain cameo and the Wolverine cameo:-)


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