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Thread: Comics older than you...

  1. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Comics older than you...

    I know I've already discussed the whole "what got you into comics" thing. But, has anyone read comics that were put out before you were born? Having been given a box of my uncle's comics, I have read several comics from the 60's and early 70's that I probably would not have ever read otherwise. A couple of my favorites (one of which is being redone for the new DCU) are the Metal Men and Blackhawk. I did not realize until last night that there had been a couple of tries at Metal Men comics in the 90's and 2000's that I may now have to go find. I know many readers sometimes get the back issues of current titles that they are reading but don't necessarily ever even look at older books that were cancelled before they started reading. Some of these older books are quite fun and enjoyable, and worth checking out if you can find them cheap enough.

    Anyone else have some older comics that they love?

  2. trusty Guest

    Comics older than myself that I have read are all Aquaman-related. I've read his entire Silver Age appearances and Bronze Age appearances outside of Justice League which pre-dates me since I was born in 1987. That's the only character I've gone that far back with. Debated about doing the same with Hawkman but haven't yet. Oh, and I've read like the first 25 issues of X-Men because I have that big soft trade paperback of the first 25 issues. I also have a trade with much of the early Thor stuff such as his first appearance but haven't gotten around to reading the books yet.

    I enjoyed the really old Aquaman tales because of the understanding that it was written for a younger age. Also it is hard not to love the art of some of it like Ramona Fradon.

  3. CJFinnegan Guest

    Heh. My digital collection consists of Golden Age comics.


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