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Thread: New 52

  1. Jamesdlogan Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by trusty View Post
    To me though what truly was the best thing about the store is that the very front is all Independent comic Publishers while DC and Marvel are in the way back. The store is rectangular as far as the browsing of TPBs goes so it's a smart move to make people see the books they are likely to not be aware of first.
    This is one of those types of things that I feel needs to be focused on in many stores. Everyone knows about the Superhero comics....and while they are definitely the biggest money makers, they are not going to be pulling new readers into comics. And, this is mostly what people think of when they hear about comic books. But there are comic books being made for just about every genre and interest out there. Too many shops just rely on their regular comic book buying customers and don't try to reach out to those who don't know about other comics.

    From the time I graduated high school almost 20 years ago, it has always been my idea to have a store with a coffee shop in the front that is the focal point to those on the outside, bringing in all sorts of people who drink coffee. Then, on the tables, or on a rolling rack by the coffee counter, I would put a bunch of TPB's and issues of independent comics, and different genres of comics...things like Fables and Hereville....Let people sit and drink their coffees and thumb through these books and realize that there is a whole world of comic books out there...not just the superpowers and tights stuff. Then, as generally happens, when these writers and artist move onto the mainstream stuff, those new readers will hopefully follow as well.

    Comic shops, and the big 2, need to take some risks and try doing more to reach out to new readers....and especially younger readers. Actually, in the long run, this may be something that we will see coming from Disney owning Marvel. We have a local Disney store that I was in the other day, and it was amazing and wonderful to go in and see all the Marvel toys and merchandise in the store, most of which is exclusive Disney merchandise. So far, it is mostly fixated on the Marvel Studios movie characters....but, as they possibly branch out into other toys, like X-Men, and hopefully start carrying some Marvel comics as well....this could make a huge difference. They could also start selling comics, and especially exclusive specialty comics, in the Disney parks.....Disney is a king of, if they do things right, in the long run, things could end up looking up for Marvel comics especially, and the industry as a whole. :-)

  2. Woodchuck Guest

    Read some more of the #1's and here are my thoughts:

    Swamp Thing #1 - intriguing, good read

    Men of War #1 - the first story is better than the 2nd

    Stormwatch #1 - meh

    Static Shock #1 - meh

  3. fenix1977 Guest

    I have only read Justice League. I am still waiting for books in the mail. I should have Batgirl and I think Green Arrow in the mail today.

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    Going to talk about a few more #1s on the podcast tonight. What will they be? You'll just have to find out!

  5. fenix1977 Guest

    I got Batgirl, Detective Comics, Green Arrow and Stormwatch #1 in the mail today. So far Batgirl and Detective Comics turned out to be very solid reads. I didn't get a chance to read Green Arrow or Stormwatch yet.

  6. trusty Guest

    After this week's release, I read the following:

    Batwoman - Loved it. With JH Williams III doing the art for this character again and partially writing it it's a good continuation from Rucka's awesome run. I very much like how the flow of this book was and how they explain what has recently happened with Batwoman prior to this. So it still can be read by a new reader and be enjoyable and they toss in just enough to make it awesome for someone like myself.

    Demon Knights - Loved it. Anyone who loves fantasy should pick this up the art is beautiful and what Cornell plans to do with Jason Blood/Etrigan/Madame Xanadu is pretty interesting. Sadly I already knew that Cornell didn't plan to make The Demon rhyme which is fine--see what I did there? --though he did change the words that transform him which was cool.

    Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. - Great read. I'm 100% new to the character and the mythos though from my understanding they are treating this as 100% new or something. I am intrigued and it gives a Hellboyish vibe in the concept of the Creature Commandos team and what they deal with--though I've only watched the Hellboy movies--but it also feels like its own thing. Part of it helps that the team consist of the classic 1940s monster movie creatures and I am very intrigued by what will go down. I particularly love Father Time's current form too. Badassery all around. Art is great too.

    Green Lantern - Good read. This wasn't a title I felt I had to pick up before the relaunch until they revealed in interviews and such that we will finally eventually learn more about the Indigo Tribe. Not saying I'm not intrigued by the story with Sinestro and Hal--there is actually like 2 hilarious scenes with Hal--but at the same time my expectations were already set. So I guess I wasn't "wowed" since the content was already good. So this deserves a "Great read" perhaps.
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  7. Smeets Guest

    frankenstein seems awesome. thanks for the review. i might pick that up just cause i'd like to see how they make it new. frankenstein is a timeless character. that's when stories were told with a meaningful purpose.

  8. trusty Guest

    I didn't have the "umph" I needed to get Justice League International last week because I heard what some of my friends said about it but got around to buying it anyway earlier this evening. Here is what I've got to say about it:

    Justice League International - Good read. The art is real nice and I like some of the banter between the characters. I gotta say though what intrigues me the most is August General in Iron. Which is what intrigues me a lot about the title in general: there are plenty of lesser known characters that seem interesting with the concept of the UN putting a team together representing different countries.

  9. JeffHaas Guest

    I thought JLA 1 was horrible. Static was only ok. Not good enough to keep reading.

  10. Woodchuck Guest

    Batwoman#1, Frankenstein #1, Demon Knights #1 - none of them blew me away, but all of them made me want to pick up another issue, so I guess we'll say "Good, not great" for all 3 of them.

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