His fierce stare at me, like do not give up, start to open the lips to ask, there is a faster than his voice came from the outside, "the emperor, quiet lady passed out in the Imperial Garden." The emperor and eventually quiet lady I Chih Ching rush to leave, I'm just mocking smile, faint, although this is not enough fresh excuse, but he still went. Choice is pray for him is not it, because he cares about her, even if they know is false, but chose to go. Not particularly concerned about embroidery Zhaorong his departure, she may think that the grace has been more than enough, she is really easy to meet.
She threw a lump of light by the chair on the Kam mink coverlet, seems tired. Me to her side gently pinching her shoulders, easing her tired state. You that first word unfinished bar. "Her voice was low, one after another fleeting look unreal," emperor in front of the inconvenience chant in front of me do not you? " I immediately said out loud to stop, "no!" Shen's voice was sharp thin, floating in the chambers of a small array was gone, "you can not expose my identity." "You are my son, Citylink's fiancee, marriage has collection of books, I can not give it to his woman, and, your identity is likely to disrupt the size of Qi State court officials in the heart."
Implies his mouth smile, such as Winter snow shines in the warm sun on a ray Xu thin, but looked at me in the eyes is so icy. I smile on the "Citylink, in vain you Lord for the Yu country. Hatred between man not be in the armored cavalry Destroys foot of ice on the battlefield under a high, winning allies and enemies must do while you actually want to use a woman to understand you sometimes fast. drastic cut of his desire to go on it, "do not have and I said, I had not had that stupid naive Masquerade indisputable Crawford elegant princess. "I ask, raising his hand gently on his cheek, and I did not avoid, because I knew he was enjoying this complete stranger's face