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Thread: Week 28- The White Bull

  1. StevenForbes Guest

    500 hours.

    That's 21 days for a single issue of work.

    Yup, that sounds about right. To put it bluntly, I don't know what you have to complain about.

    Comic books need two things: words and pictures. As an artist, you can get the pictures done and let it be. The pictures only need pencils and inks. You do not need color. Words only need a script and letters. So you could save yourself the equivalent of days [possibly a week] if you were to cut out the colors, leaving you more time to do it yourself.

    Granted, this only works if you have a single story to tell, with a finite end in mind. Mini series and graphic novels. A series of graphic novels, if you want to stretch it. However, your time goes out the water as soon as you decide you want to tell more than one story concurrently. That's when help comes in.

    But, to drag this back on topic, how do you approach the white bull when it comes to your art, Ty?

  2. tylerjames Guest

    You know, I really haven't had much problem when it comes to staring down that blank art page. This is usually because I've done the "hard" conceptual work already.

    When I'm writing my own scripts, I'll usually sketch out pages and panels loosely, and have that to reference when it's time to do the art.

    Additionally, I'll always have at least 30 comic books, 5-6 anatomy books, and a stack of fashion magazines in the vicinity of my art table, so if I get stuck on a pose or a facial expression, or something, I always have reference handy.

    The drawing part is great...I can just throw on some mindless TV or tunes and get into the zone.

    And you are correct. I could save myself a ton or time by not working in color.

    Three problems with that, though...

    1.) I first became a die-hard comics fan when Image Comics exploded on the scene. Thus, my artistic influences (for better or worse) were your Jim Lee's, Mark Silvestri's, Rob Liefeld's, etc. Those artists all draw in a style that fully intends to be colored, and that's pretty much how my stuff is as well.

    2.) The subject matter for much of my work (at least in years past) has been traditional super hero stuff. There really aren't many successful modern day super hero books that work in black and white. Even Jay Faeber's stuff at least gets the gray scale treatment.

    3.) Coloring is the new toy. I only learned to color in the past three years or so. Got my fancy wacom tablet for Christmas a couple years back. So, the novelty of coloring for me still has yet to wear off.

    And I think the white bull for the colorist is non-existent...because the first part of coloring is simply paint-by-numbers flatting, which requires no inspiration at all. By the time flats are done, you've been staring at the page for a while, and usually have a very good idea the direction in which you'd like to take it colors wise.

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