If your answer to this question is "Yes", "They're ok", or "What the hell are you on about?", then read on. And even if it's "No", go ahead and read anyway. You may just be interested after all.

And if you fall into the "What the hell are you talking about" group, let me ask the question in a different way.

Who wants to be Superman!!!


...Ok, Spidey!

...no, Spidey before Brand New Day

...How about Hellboy?


...The A-Team.

...Ok, fine, a Jedi Knight. Sith?

...sigh. Ok, feel free to make your own character.

Because in the Role Playing Games, you can be whoever or whatever you want!

You may have seen the RPG forum or some of our game threads pop up from time to time, but never paid much attention before. Well, we're reaching out now to anyone who might be even a little interested, or just curious, in joining our little community of game players.

What is it we do?

Basically, we tell stories. Sometime we write on our own, and sometimes we team up with others. We write stories about characters for ourselves and others to enjoy.

If you've ever wanted to tell stories about a character you love, or you've had an idea you wished your favorite publisher would print? You can tell your stories in our forum. And you'll have an audience willing and eager to read those stories, and participate in them with you to create a world of our making.

Instead of trying to go on & on describing exactly how we work, we invite you to come over and visit some of our games and community threads. Or just ask questions here. You'll see some familiar faces, and probably meet some new ones.

Have more questions? Check here.

Or just drop by and say hit to our little clan.

You can find a list of our games here
Current RPG Games and How to Make Your Own