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Thread: Week 33: Self-Publishing- The Budget

  1. TommyBrownell Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by StevenForbes View Post
    Tommy: weeping is good. It's cleansing. However, weeping over B&N isn't something I'd ever have expected. So, don't think me cruel if I just ignore it. Basically, I don't know what to do with it besides hand you a tissue and tell you it's going to be fine.

    It sounds to me like you're with a group of people with big dreams but little practical experience. I've been there before when I was first starting out. It's been a learning experience ever since. What I suggest you do (besides sticking to your guns) is to do research on everything, and present your group with numbers. Show them numbers, attach well-known names to them, and stay out of the Marvel/DC realm. It's sobering once you step away from that echelon of publishing. Sobering, and a little disheartening.

    If they don't want to listen and want to continue with pie in the sky dreams, that's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. Just be the better person and refrain from saying "I told you so" when reality punches them in the face, kidneys, solar plexus, and wallet.

    Or better yet, send them over to B&N and they can read all about it.
    Oh, don't get me wrong...they were tears of joy. I feel a little better all the time when I read these and realize my head is (according to you) in the right place.

    Makes me think that, even if they crash and burn, I can figure out how to do this myself.

    For me, I have no crazy Marvel/DC dreams. Well, other than maybe someday working at Marvel or DC...but I can wait. I just wanna tell make believe stories about outrageous characters for the rest of my life, and someday make a modest living from it...(and I mean modest. I have a wife who isn't afraid to hold a job, and not a lot of crazy expenses...we have THRIVED on what a lot of folks would consider utter poverty because of what we do with our budget and not how big it is).

  2. CalvinCamp Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by StevenForbes View Post
    Madelf: I've been telling readers to learn to letter for a while now. It's not the first time I've mentioned it.
    A little reminder doesn't hurt, though, does it?

    Actually I thought I remembered you saying something about writers learning to letter being a good idea, even making you a better writer. I even looked in a couple of your older articles trying to find it, but didn't have much luck. I only commented because I didn't recall you being quite so adamant that a writer will do his own lettering (which may just be because my memory sucks). If you've been equally adamant about how important it is to learn how before doing it, then that's great.

  3. ArchonComics Guest

    A writer doesn't have to letter, but Steven is right, it will save you some cash (probably $5-$20 a page) and will give you a better understanding of how many balloons to put in a panel and how many words to put in said balloons. I drove my letterer supercalifragilistic crazy with my first story...and last one, come to think of it.

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