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Thread: Comics Are for People: Hurm.

  1. MattGrant Guest

    Comics Are for People: Hurm.

    Well I have to apologize to you this week. Immediately following last weeks' installment, I had a fairly catastrophic event involving my computer. Not my ONLY computer (obviously, I'm here) but the computer I do most of my comic book work on (I am, as they say, "l'artiste digital")... so it was... well... horrible.

    I'll save you the gory details (let's just say it collided with an object that it normally would not come in contact with). The upshot is, its more or less resolved. Yay! Money can't solve everything, but it sure helped this time! The downshot is, its really upset the balance of my workload (and really set back my actual comic production), and has left me column-less for the week.

    Even as I type this I am re-installing all of my software (a fun task to be sure) so that I can finally get back to real work. Sigh.

    So not to be a downer on you guys, but I'm taking a week off here with CAFP, as I have to get my poop together a bit. I hope y'all understand. I didn't want to give you a crappy half arsed column, y'know?


    That doesn't let you off the hook, though! Give a comic to a friend....


  2. StevenForbes Guest

    Sorry to hear about it, Matt.

    Glad to hear it's getting fixed, but sorry you had to go through it.

    I'll be backing up my files first thing in the morning...

  3. MattGrant Guest

    As they say, there are two kinds of people in the world, those who back-up their stuff, and those who have never lost their data.

    Luckily... VERY luckily, I was in a situation where I could pull my data from the computer fairly easily. (This was preceded by a near heart attack realization that I hadn't backed up in a long time). So.. no loss, but I'm definitely going to be more adamant about backing up my data.

    Anyhow, to get my mind off of this computer horror, I began a project I had put off for some time... Organizing my comics which I related in a pseudo column (boring maybe.. but I do mention Ambush Bug and the A-Team!):

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    Matt, that sucks! Sorry to hear it!

    Hope it doesn't hold you back too much!
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

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