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    15: Savage Fanboy

    So. Its been a busy week for me. I tried to keep my columns less blogish, but you should know that in addition to my normal webcomicking I do twice a week, I've also been putting together a mini-anthology of sorts, called Lady Fight. Its basically a short story collection featuring female protagonists, with various contributors (myself included). My pal Ben Ferrari and myself have been madly putting this thing together with an eye toward having it come out in time for Super-Con in San Jose, CA.

    So... I'm putting the finishing touches on that, hopefully with all of the prepress and production (on our end) finished tonight. Point is: aside from computer ailments, thats one of the big things that's been keeping me busy! I'll give you more info about the book and how you can get a copy (should be ready mid-may), etc as it becomes ready.


    Now let's hit a few items. Not sure how CAPF-ish I'll be this week, I haven't had the time to put some major thoughts into things so here's just some stuff rumbling in my brain container:

    Weapon X: Not So Secret

    I'm sure most of you have heard that a relatively decent copy (comments i've heard run the gamut from "basically finished" to "very rough") of X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been leaked. What's significant is that A) Its supposedly very clean and B) Its being circulated a FULL MONTH before the theatrical release.

    I'm happy to see that for the most part, people who are reviewing the illegally downloaded flick are more or less being shunned, and that a lot of websites won't post content/information obtained by viewing it. I've seen one critic (who worked for FOX, no less) has lost his job over this.

    On the same note though, I find it odd, now, seeing "exclusive" publicity stills being plastered around in press releases. Not that I've seen the movie or anything, but just the whole act of exclusivisity rings in a little fake at this point. Not saying its right, but all the news and hub-ub about the leak, probably made more people aware of the movie than anything else.


    Green Lantern: First Flight

    Did you check out that trailer? Doesn't it look cool? Costume changes aside (I could go for the old rags, even in the comic book) this movie looks like its gonna be pretty darn good. I've been enjoying all of the DC Animated flicks thus far (New Frontier being my favorite), and now that I've seen KILOWOG, I'm fairly sure this movie will be no exception.


    The hell with it, this is turning into fanboy week! I heard some rumors (Rich Johnston gave it a yellow light, so its not TOTALLY bs) about Geoff Johns and Jim Lee eventually taking the reigns of JLA. Needless to say, this could be a really good thing. With Jim Lee's current obligations (ASBAR and the DCU game), I gotta wonder how far out this would be, if it were true, though.

    Chimps and Matt

    I almost wrote "Project X" instead of "Weapon X" up there. Anyone else remember that flick? Loved it.

    Indie Corner: Savage Dragon

    Savage Dragon. I told you it was fanboy week! SD, I guess, I wouldn't really consider it "indie" actually, but I'm going on the technicality that its not part of the big two.

    So, I'm a long time Erik Larsen fan, and started with the series on #1 (of the original mini). But somewhere along the way, I fell a bit out of the loop... for many years... and recently began picking it up again.

    A lot of stuff happened.

    Totally different landscape really. I had read both the archive books to review the older stuff and brush up a bit on the semi-newer stuff, but I still found myself at a fairly foreign place. Someday I'll have to get the trades and figure out stuff about Mr. Glum and dimension X and whatnot.

    But apparently I wasn't the only reader led astray, as Erik has put quite a bit of work honing the SD universe to get to a "relaunch" point (not really a relaunch, but a jumping on point) that should culminate with #148 that is FREE on free comic book day (so I must insist that you get one).

    A lot of this "honing" has been some really great material! One issue (#144, i believe, but I could be wrong) had a unique story telling method where every panel jumped forward in time a day (or something like that) moving the story forward incredibly quickly in a very satisfying way. Larsen is pretty good about sprinkling in some creative storytelling concepts in with the "regular" stuff (that is often high in slugfestosity).

    So while 148 has been touted the jumping on point, 145 saw Dragon's return to the force. As you know, for much of the early issues, Dragon was a Chicago cop. So a lot of the marketing has been about Dragon returning to that. "Back in Blue" they said. I'm not gonna spoil it for ya, but there was quite a bit of a surprise ending. (I won't even get into 146 cause of it). 145 was current when I talked to Erik Larsen at WonderCon. I simply said, "I did NOT see that coming."

    Erik said, "I know."

    Me, "But I thought--"

    Erik, "Got you!"

    Needless to say, and, well, bottom line: Savage Dragon is one of the few books I truly look forward to every month, and every month it exceeds my expectations. If you're not a SD reader, I suggest checking out the FCBD #148. If your an old reader that lost interest in the book, or for whatever reason stopped reading, I HIGHLY recommend you re-consider and check out what's been going on as of late. Good stuff.

    Till next week...

    That's all for this week, folks. A little more abnormal than usual... but... it seems its always something different lately!

    NEXT WEEK: A major shift in CAFP, as we move from a late twenty-something perspective to an early thirty-something perspective!

    I'd say give me comics for my birthday, but I already have a bunch, so give em to someone who doesn't. Why? Cause COMICS ARE FOR PEOPLE!

    (no shocking endings here!)


    Matt Grant is a graphic designer and self-publishing comics and webcomics creator. His comic MastorisM can be read at and updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. A long time comics fanatic and advocate for the medium, Matt eats, sleeps, and breathes comics. They make a great quiche!

    Matt would love nothing more than to hear from fans, retailers, creators, and publishers that have anything relevant to contribute to his column. He believes that, only by working together, we can bring the comics medium to a wider deserving audience. Please feel free to email him at, private message him here, or harass him on the street! Matt does not claim to be an industry expert in any way shape or form, but rather an opinionated pundit on the sidelines.

  2. Dingo Guest

    I've recently started on the Savage Dragon trades. It's good, but I think that there are a half dozen trades or so that haven't been printed yet. They go from 8 to 14 or something.

    Ah well...

  3. JamesFreeman Guest

    I chatted with McDuffie recently, and he said that he is staying on JLA well into the 50's.

    I'm starting to think the Johns/Lee project may be some sort of tie in to the DC Universe videogame the two of them are working on.

    As for the GL movie, I found it odd that they gave Hal John's JLU costume, but hey, I'm sure the creators know what they're doing. And Chris freakin Meloni is voicing Hal! How awesome is that!!!

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    Johns and Lee are going to be working on LEGION OF SUPERHEROES stories in ADVENTURE COMICS.

    I'm hoping that means, in smaller doses, that Lee will be able to keep on schedule.
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  5. MattGrant Guest

    I think the next issue of ASBAR was originally solicited for two months ago, and that was a push back. I was starting to wonder if it got abandoned all together what with letting Bob Schrek go, and then the new Morrison/Quietly Batman & Robin. Sorta sends a message, that does. I think I read a DiDio quote saying that the book is on hiatus.

    I know its kind of a controversial book (especially with "the slip up" and generally just having Frank Miller on it). Remember, too, "Holy Terror, Batman!" is now just "Holy Terror!" and has nothing to do with Batman anymore. Things that make you go "hmmmm."

    I also noticed that Scott Williams (who's inked Jim Lee FOREVER) inked Andy Kubert's art in "What ever happened to the Caped Crusader?" Indicating that Jim's not turning anything out at the moment.

    I chatted with McDuffie recently, and he said that he is staying on JLA well into the 50's.
    The rumor (which I read at LITG) also states that it might be a new #1, for one thing (so it could be a completely different series). Also, take into account the fact that Jim Lee DOES take some time, DC might want as much as the entire run up front before making any publishing commitments (remember the Johns/Donner/Kubert fiasco?). But I would say, with a yellow light, its all 100% speculatory at this point.

    Johns and Lee are going to be working on LEGION OF SUPERHEROES stories in ADVENTURE COMICS
    I'm more jazzed about LoSH anyway!

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