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Thread: Bionic Badger

  1. LiamBradley Guest


    Just gonna post some of the original character designs as I receive them from Ryan(the artist I got for the comic I'm writing.)

    Let me know what you guys think, I'll update as I receive more.

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  2. LiamBradley Guest

    More character design from Ryan!

  3. LukeHalsall Guest

    really like the second one. first one has a look of wolverine to it

  4. LiamBradley Guest


    Yeah I suppose he kinda does doesn't must be the hair

    with the shadow under his jaw it looks like sideburns, but it isn't

  5. LukeHalsall Guest

    Ah. Hair still does thou. Is the monstery thing what he turns into/what he fights etc?

  6. LiamBradley Guest

    The Monster thing is gonna be his first enemy, haven't written him in yet, but he's just some enemy character design Ryan made up. Dunno exactly what I'll do with him yet.

    The first pic is just the first design he came up with for the main character, it's just for him to work off of, I've given him a few changes to make and stuff

  7. LiamBradley Guest

    just put some clean lines on these

  8. JasonStephens Guest

    I like the design of the cyborg pieces. Very cool stuff, can't wait to see more.

  9. LiamBradley Guest

    Hey thanks man, those are the first concepts Ryan came up with, so we're off to a good start. the end product will be even cooler

    thanks man I will have the first page posted up here by tomorrow hopefully!

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    Looks pretty cool, but I'm with Magnus, I think the second one (the bad guy) looks cooler. It's crazy how much better things look from the pencils to the inks.

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