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Thread: Bionic Badger

  1. LiamBradley Guest

    lol yeah there's no question, I agree that the 2nd one is cooler

  2. RHughes Guest

    The first one doesn't look very badger-like. Without making him look like Wolverine, he probably needs to be more Wolverine-like, (Short, squat, and rough around the edges) to fit the badger description.

    The second one will make a pretty cool villain though.

  3. LiamBradley Guest

    Yeah I know what you mean. I specifically told him not to make him look like wolverine, cause I knew that's the direction it could easily go. Don't want him to look to much like wolverine.

    I'm gonna have him make him broader and maybe a little shorter.

  4. RHughes Guest

    Badgers have pretty distinctive markings on their heads. Maybe you could work and element like that into his hair along with the other changes.

  5. LiamBradley Guest

    In those sketches there are already two stripes were the white hair will be.

    He has black hair and 2 white stripes going down each side.

    That was one of few things I told Ryan he had to do lol.

    If you're suggesting it then I must'va been right with that decision, you know your stuff
    Last edited by LiamBradley; Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 04:36 AM.

  6. LiamBradley Guest

    some more concepts from Ryan

    I really love this deisgn, but it does look exactly like a kid wolverine

    I love this concept

  7. LiamBradley Guest

    here are the inks of that last one. I put some colors on just to give me a rough idea.

    Last edited by LiamBradley; Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 08:46 PM.

  8. LiamBradley Guest

    Another concept

  9. RHughes Guest

    That one has a Timber Wolf feel to him. =) I like the meched up design above that one though. It has a nice thickness to it that give you a "tough" impression that the name Badger would suggest. I also like the large claws that fit the name well as well. The mech will give you a lot of options later on for cool power add-ons later on.

  10. LiamBradley Guest

    thanks bro
    Yeah I like that design alot! I think it may be the one I stick with p

    but for now.

    an image of Lucas Brock, before he takes on the Badger Persona.

    I done the colors, Just for the sake of knowing what it'll look like.
    don't let my colors blacken Ryan's name

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