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Thread: Seb-standard: Week 24 - How I Beat Geoff Johns to BLACKEST NIGHT!

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    Seb-standard: Week 24 - How I Beat Geoff Johns to BLACKEST NIGHT!

    Anyone who reads my writing here on PFB knows that I am a HUGE fan of Geoff Johns. What nobody, including myself, knew was that apparently Geoff Johns is big fan of mine.

    No, really. You know the upcoming mega event, BLACKEST NIGHT? Totally my idea.

    I know what you’re thinking, “Seb, you arrogant ass, you’ve never even met the man, and you’ve not exactly a household name! How the hell can you make such a claim!!??”

    Well, a twisted strand of baffling logic that suits my own purposes, of course, along with my own version of reverse networking, which is a lot like playing the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game, only using myself instead of the FOOTLOOSE star.

    That and a little thing I call PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE!!

    In fact, the photos will prove that as early as 2005, I was working on my own BLACKEST NIGHT with non other that artist ETHAN VAN SCIVER.
    Yeah, these are the circles I run in. This goes a long way to explain my constant dizziness.

    Anyway, you’ve listened to me whine for years about how all of my favorite characters have been killed between 2003-2006. Yeah, it’s been rough for me. You read my previous column depicting my pathetic plea to Dan Didio for Ted Kord’s life, at MEGACON. Dan was very nice about it, and I’m sure that restraining order is just a misunderstanding. Right Dan? Dan?

    Where was I? Right, dead faves. OK, so I’ve had this sketchbook since ’93 with only one sketch it. John Romita Sr. drew Spidey. It was an unused college sketchbook from my art school days (ask me how useful an AA in Fine Art has been, sometime). Anyway, I wasn’t really a big convention-goer ( Romita came to me, or at least, the comic shop I was working at, during the MARVEL MEGA TOUR), so I never did anything else with the sketchbook.
    Then came COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS, a one shot that lifted my hopes by giving me a well written story, focusing on a well handled Ted Kord, and side lighting Booster, at least until the last few pages, where Max Lord blew Ted’s brains all over the panel. That kind of ruined my moment, you know?

    But then Rick had a signing/sketching thing goin’ on at FAMOUS FACES & FUNNIES. Since we’re in Florida, Rick got some of the gang from CROSS GEN to show up. They were still goin’ strong at the time. One of my favorite artists, Paul Pelletier would be there. I almost had him draw me A Conner Kent Superboy, as he had been the artist on the short-lived, SUPERBOY & THE RAVERS book.

    Then, inspiration hit me.

    I would have him save my hero. I asked him to draw Blue Beetle coming back from the grave.

    Paul said he had never drawn Ted before, and wasn’t sure how. Despite our being in a comic store, neither of us thought to grab something for reference. Instead, Paul would draw Sebastian Faust, from his run on OUTSIDERS, casting a spell over Ted’s grave, ostensibly a resurrection spell. The fact that Faust’s first name is Sebastian only made me happier.

    After that, my sketchbook sat around for about another 6 months, or so. Then, another Florida artist, Ethan Van Sciver (see, I TOLD you) came to FF&F to promote GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH. I asked Ethan to draw the cover to GL:R, but instead of with Hal holding up his ring-bearing fist, with Ted holding the scarab. I wanted him to write “BLUE BEETLE: REBIRTH” at the top.

    Ethan had other ideas. Amused by Paul’s picture, Ethan decided to draw “the next page,” and drew Ted, gasping for a fresh breath, and clawing his way back to life.

    A year later, during 52, Ethan came back. 52 had just made it look like Booster was dead, so he drew Booster returning. Both the Beetle and Booster sketches have the same graveyard background as Paul’s picture. In fact, that would become the theme. People would draw all the scenes in the same graveyard.

    I’ve got sketches from Art Baltazar, Franco, Amanda Conner, Billy Tucci, Morry Hollowell, and, of course, my annual FCBD sketches from Derec Donovan and Karl Moline.

    Just to mix things up, Darick Robertson did one of Starlight’s (from THE BOYS) dignity, and Chad Hunt drew Doctor Strange, casting another spell. He drew this on a left-hand page, with the spell running over the right hand page. On said right hand page, I intended to have someone draw Conner Kent, being restored (Derec Donovan brought him back, but as a zombie), but I never got around to that sketch. And, based on FC: LEGION OF THREE WORLDS and the proposed ADVENTURE COMICS, it looks like Geoff Johns snagged that idea, too.

    He’s sneaky that guy.

    Anyway, I’ll post all the pics from the sketchbook up here, so you can see the full glory.

    And you too can see, BLACKEST NIGHT began in my sketchbook.

    I’ll even include that first Romita Spidey sketch, ‘cause it’s too good to leave out.

    Paul Pelletier’s sketch that started it all. Note the background.

    Ethan Van Sciver’s rendering of THE NEXT PAGE.

    And Ethan’s Booster.

    Derec Donovan’s Conner Kent zombie.

    Karl Moline has Cap pushing up daisies.

    Chad Hunt’s Dr. Strange, ready to de-zombify Superboy.

    Darick Robertson shows Starlight mourning her dignity, but assures me it'll be back! (and, it really is at this point)

    Billy Tucci brings back Gwen Stacey in the same (though inverted) pose in which she died.

    Karl makes Deadman need to rethink his name, with the help of Ween and another daisy.

    Derec draws Conner Hawke defying editors to kill him, after he ends up comatose in Green Arrow/Black Canary

    Jules Rivera digs up her own character, Marsh Rocket.

    Colorist Morry Hollowell thinks big, to bring back Goliath.

    The adorable Amanda Conner brings back the original Terra, attitude and all!

    With sharpies and crayons, ARt Baltazar and Franco bring back Ralph & Sue Dibney. Notice the repentant Jean Loring.

    Karl Moline brings back Namorita, through the fabled Fish tank of reincarnation!

    And, Derec Donovan does this regal resurrection of Aquaman.

    So, Mr. Johns, when do I see my royalties check? :cool:
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    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  2. WonderGirl6 Guest

    WOW! THose sketches are GORGEOUS!

    I love love LOVE the Amanda Conner one!

  3. spyhawk824 Guest

    yup Sebs got some sketches just don't ask what he had to do to get them all ...lmao... i won't tell if you wont Sebastian

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    You know what I had to do to get these?

    I'll tell ya what I had to do to get these!!

    I had to watch all my favorite characters die, is what I had to do!!

    When this is full, I'm thinking of starting a new one with all the characters I DON'T like being buried IN graves.

    So watch out Venom, Gambit, Rulk...I'm comin' for ya!
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  5. MartinBrandt Guest

    That is some awesome stuff. I have always wanted to start a sketch book like that for the cons. Of course mine would most likely just be full of Batman.

  6. spyhawk824 Guest

    me too... but i like it better when they sketch on bristol board.... got a few sketches myself... 2 from Ethan one Gl (hal) And his Jean Grey (pheonix)... among others Sergio Cariello's Azrael.

  7. tiggerpete Guest

    the Booster one was pretty bad-ass

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    Yeah, Ethan really got into that one.

    The joke is, that when he did BEETLE it was for charity, when he did BOOSTER, the money went to him.

    Which is actually the case, but it's still funny!
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  9. tiggerpete Guest

    I wish I lived near people. or at least a greater comic community.

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    Those sketches are awesome. I'm crossing my fingers that Ted Kord will be back among the living when Blackest Night is all said and done.
    Read Jonah Hex

    This is OUR Mascot. You keep the buckeye. Go Blue.

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