I definately feel that, Adam. One of the stories I'm 6 issues into was the thing that got me scripting - i.e. I knew the characters, themes, most of the events before I even knew I'd try to write it as a comic. I don't want to write prose, because prose won't appeal to the people I want to write for, and TV and movies are too hard to see through to completion. With a comic whatever can be drawn can be put it, no special effects department needed. You can also tell several first person stories without being confusing, which rarely works with prose novels.

At the moment, my main problem is that I don't have £800+ to shell out to actually get my shit illustrated. You tell yourself "put aside the opus, write a couple of other little things to try and get out there" but if your heart is in your specific stories rather than just a desire to write comics in general, it seems even harder.

I think I'm going to try and write a self contained short for TPG next, put the Opus on the backburner. Hell, I have a degree to start and an album to write, this comics malarky is a hell of a distraction?