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Thread: TPG: Week 21- Roddy Williams

  1. LiamBradley Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by BarriLang View Post
    My God! I don't think I know that many words!

    Tough love or not that's a shocking amount of space wasted on words.

    Nothing I can add on word count but so far as the "voice "used, I hope I can share something. What I've started doing is looking at films and listening to radio for accents and then trying to turn an accent into words. Some people drop their Hs', or dont add a g to certain words. Nuffin, Nothin, Nothing 3 variations of the same word that when you read it give a sense of 3 "accents".

    I'm feeling guilty because I send Steve my "pipeline" scripts (once I will be working on. My fave I've not sent in because I know it'll get slammed... and it's my baby. You wanna stick with the script I have in Steve or do you wanna tear my pride and joy to shreds?
    not only will he tear your pride and joy to shreds. He will kill your first born and set your entire family ablaze...that's how he rolls.

  2. StevenForbes Guest

    Barri, send what you're comfortable with. It makes no difference to me, as long as there's improvement. That's what this entire thing is about.

  3. BarriLang Guest

    I have gone back and re-written some of my stuff since I found Bolts and nuts and Proving ground. I don't know if you've still got the original version of the Samurai story (that I think is next) but I'd be interested to know if the edit is an improvement on the original version i sent you way back when.

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