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Thread: Week 45: Superheroes- An Overview

  1. Sliverbane Guest


    This is what I was talking about. I didn't make this. I found it on the net...seems I'm not the only one who thinks there are some missing parts. I don't know which artists are drawing the 'healthy package' you refer to but this strange smooth broad plane over the genitals is pretty much the norm in my experience.

  2. StevenForbes Guest

    Next, you'll be getting Superman porn...

    Go pick up Herogasm. Maybe that has enough of a bulge for you.

    And don't force me to create a parody webcomic! I'm getting ideas...

  3. Dungbeetle Guest

    Superman is the new David.

    The spandex looks pretty tight. Given that Superman is the "man of steel" I doubt there would be any "tenting" in the event of his arousal. It would just burst out like BAM. Why has this storyline never been explored? Superman tricked into a persistent raging erection through the use of Kryptoagra? Imagine the damage to his PR.

  4. Sliverbane Guest

    Guys! I just think the artist ( and many others)avoid the elephant in the room. Maybe it's biased censorship. [Female cleavage for all but no healthy male bulges] Or artists preference/not wanting the character they're drawing to 'out do' them.

    No amount of spandex or Lycra will totally displace a 'nice' package. I believe we are not talking about the average male - but above average - maybe well above average.

    I'm just saying.

    Maybe times have changed and I'm missing out on eye-catching male bulges in comics. LOL! I'm all for equal amounts of T n A in comics across genders!


    Superman porn! I am SO ahead of you. Make that webcomic...I WILL read it.

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