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Thread: Week 48- Superhero Fights

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    Well, I suppose it's also impotant to make sure your artist knows those terms before you go using them. You may sound all martial-arts savvy, but if it's taking twice as long to get the pages drawn because your artist has to stop and google every pose, it all comes undone.

    If I have a specific pose in mind, I'll sometimes throw in the term (and then describe it in parenthesis). I also like to find an image to attach for reference.

    I figure, it's not the artist's job to hunt down all my little esotericisms.
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  2. MartinBrandt Guest

    Yeah, when my wife writes her scripts, she collects lots of reference photos for the artist. She is very thorough in that regard.

  3. Sliverbane Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by StevenForbes View Post
    You're a violent, mess of a woman, you know that? Good thing I'm married, or else I'd be...intrigued.
    LOL!! Oooh, I bet you say that to all the violent women...!

    DungBeetle: I'd suggest anyone writing an ensemble piece watch those early UFC fights and see how the styles work against eachother, otherwise your comics will look odd, with a cast predominantly formed of white males, who somehow all bizarrely know Shaolin kung fu.
    Good point... The white males who somehow know Shaolin King-Fu is a very tired and bizarre cliche I'm SO bored with. Not to say its impossible...just...blah.

  4. Dungbeetle Guest

    Are you questioning my honkey ninja skills?

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