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Thread: Week 51- Horror Overview

  1. Dungbeetle Guest

    I always thought the movie Wolf with Jack Nicholson was awesome. Little touches, like his increased sense of smell being able to detect whiskey on a co-workers breath first thing in the morning, and hearing people from right over the other end of the office.

    I think the major dumbass trope for me in most stories containing traditional monsters; Werewolves, Vampies, Zombies etc. is where a character doesn't know what they're up against. They get bit by a wolf, starting getting "a little bit wolfy" and for some reason have to go speak to some wise man to find out what's happening because apparently they've been living under a rock and missed fifty years worth of pop culture.

  2. Dungbeetle Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamH View Post
    Do your werewolves rape people in the face? What a twist!
    They should definately hump people's legs (and possibly corpses)?

    My advice would be to really take yourself out of the genre, research canines and see what traits haven't been properly exploited by previous writers. How do dogs think, how do they understand the world? What happens when that overlaps with regular human thought?

    There's a great Hellblazer story. John comes across a flunky wizard who's put his own soul into the body of a dog. The big dog ends up rallying all the other dogs in the area to gang up on him and attack him. John bows down before them, laying his head lower than theirs, and beats them by using their own instincts about domination against them. He tells them they can't attack him in that pose; it's against their nature. Not 100% accurate but still an interesting take on it.

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