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Thread: Week 53- Horror: There Wolf. There Castle.

  1. tiggerpete Guest

    could I make my werewolf weak to cheese? he could have been lactose intolerant as a human, so if someone throws cheese at him, he gets scared and runs off, people could go hunting for him armed with cheese whiz, and in the end he is done in by sharp cheddar (because it is sharp, like a blade, get it?) it would be very light, and not the least bit scary. (first in a string of oddball Van Helsingesque adventures)

  2. Dungbeetle Guest

    Well I hear cheese is bad for dogs anyway. How about a story where he gets worms; "The Mystery of The Itchy Butthole"

  3. BarriLang Guest

    I can imagine a hound of hell dragging his bum along the ground. HORROR at it's most potent.

    (plus parmesan would make a better blade, much harder than cheddar)

  4. MartinBrandt Guest

    Or a werewolf with a dire need to express his anal glands...

    Butt dragging city here we come...

    "Oh come on Chuck, you're staining the carpet!"

    Then you have the other scenario...

    A woman on her period in a room full of werewolves.....

    A canis lupus would mistake that for a female going into heat.

  5. BarriLang Guest

    And now we've entered into a different (but just as potent) horror. The female menstral cycle! Run for the hills, lock your doors, prepare to receive blam for any and all events of the world (good and bad) it's PMS!
    Last edited by BarriLang; Monday, August 17, 2009 at 03:01 PM. Reason: Hmmm am I using the word "potent" enough?

  6. tiggerpete Guest

    now that is scary

  7. Dungbeetle Guest

    That's funny... I just rewatched Pitch Black the other day. It seems nothing livens up an "escape from the scary monsters" scenario quite like a bit of menstration.

  8. tiggerpete Guest

    oh yeah, that is there isn't it, more scary than the monsters if you ask me.

  9. Dungbeetle Guest

    On a serious note, little touches like that are what make a story a bit more human and tangiable. Or gratuitously filthy for its own sake. I prefer filth.

  10. MartinBrandt Guest

    Filthy little touches of gratuitous humans?

    Yes, let's write this all.

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