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Thread: Week 54: Here, Zombie, Zombie, Zombie!!!

  1. Dungbeetle Guest

    Good shout Pete... if anything the sort of biological weapon-gone wrong zombie is kinda going full circle to the voodoo mind control zombies, I guess.

    I thought the intro to 28 Days Later was nice - it all starting with chimps, nice little nod to Braindead there. Dead Space's necromorphs also put a good spin on the genre, not strictly zombies, but one of the best designed alien lifeforms since Geiger first taught us the wrongs of screaming in space. The necromorphs are exceptionally nasty because despite being all twisted up a lot of them still have a few human features in amongst all the lovely tumor-resembling stuff.

  2. AdamH Guest

    I enjoyed Deadspace's spin on zombies (aka necromorphs) as well. I even watched the motion comic that served as an intro to the game.

    A movie that messes with you a little bit is American Zombie ( showing Zombies living in America as a minority group. Well worth a look if don't want an ordinary zombie movie.

  3. tiggerpete Guest

    Mass Effect had sort of tech-zombies created by the Geth (technologic based life forms, sort of a sentient machine race) (reanimated the dead to attack you using their tech) freaked me out a little first time I saw it, something about bodies being impaled on spires, then the spires withdrawing, and the bodies getting up and running at you can get to you. I guess they would be runners.

  4. Dungbeetle Guest

    Adam, I think there's a whole graphic novel of DS now too.

    Pete, yeah the Geth "husks" were cool, very much a zombie/borg kind of hybrid. Similar enemies in the most recent Chronicles of Riddick game too - people being turned into empty drones and then controlled from elsewhere.

  5. MartinBrandt Guest

    You know we forgot a zombie type.

    The ones who sort of remember their daily routine life. They first gave a small glimpse of these in Land of the Dead when they raided that town.

    Zombies were ready to pump gas, they played instruments in the park(very poorly), and more.

    These zombies also learned.

  6. BarriLang Guest

    These types existed in Day of the Dead too (original) the reason they all converged on the mall was due to memory. the mall was important to them (it was a dig at consumerism for the most part though)

  7. MartinBrandt Guest

    Ah, that is right. They didn't cover that in the remakes. Good catch.

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