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Coming back to the whole "why does he see a therapist if he's a troubleseeker" thing Calvin brought up, maybe he's been seeing the shrink way before he ever decided to try to man up and make dad proud. Maybe talking about it and analysing it has made him even more determined to go looking for trouble. Maybe he only goes there to talk because he's a bit of a loner and it's a neutral ear to talk to.
A part of it is that he is a loner and in a way, he doesn't really have anyone else. I'm still on the edge about him trying to make his father proud, I'm still more leaning toward him trying to spite his father. Like perhaps when he was younger, he wanted to please him, but now, he's past that. Now, he doens't want anything to do with the superhero culture, but he can't really escape it because it's all around him. Hence, he goes to the shink because it's the only person he can think of outside of that world. However, the shrink is not going to be the father figure he's looking for. The replotting for this story is taking time, but I'm trying to find that balance. Still it's a fine line between making something realistic and making something cliche.

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The relationship between Josh Peck and Ben Kingsley's characters in the movie The Wackness is worth a look at. It's a completely different story but a good example of someone seeing a shrink not necessarily because they accept they need therapy but because they just want someone to talk to. Tony Soprano was in a similar situation too, and that relationship has now been ripped off in countless "gangster/hardman reluctantly goes to see therapist" movies.
I really wanted to see The Wackness, but never got the chance. I'll definitely give it a look because it seemed really interesting.

Also on a random note, is that you rapping on Reverbnation? It's really good, man.