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Thread: TPG: Week 35- Adam Hudson

  1. CalvinCamp Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamH View Post
    I certainly do keep that in mind, anything I was writing wasn't an attack on Steven, I certainly appreciate all the help. I was just reflecting on how I'm dealing with reacting to criticism.
    That was intended more as a pep-talk than a criticism of your post - just sharing a little personal philosophy for whoever might find some value in it. I certainly didn't see anything you said as an attack on anybody.

  2. StevenForbes Guest

    I'm here, but damned busy. Glancing through, at the least.

    Things are beginning to ramp up for me with other projects. Much more, and I'll be shutting down TPG. Yes, those who have already submitted something to me will still be posted. I'm working with several writers on several things, more in the wings, one project that is turning into something HUGE, and that doesn't even take into account any of my own comic writing, which I've been neglecting somewhat in order to get everything else done, such as these columns.

    This column may not last the year. The big writing gig is still on the horizon, and there is an editing gig I have that should be doing all kinds of good things soon. When one or the other starts ramping up (and I'm looking to get the editing thing ramped up by the end of the month), then I'll make an announcement that I'll not be taking any more scripts, and the ones I have will post on their scheduled days.

    So, if you have something you want me to go over, or if your friends have something but are on the fence about it, then decisions have to be made and things need to start hitting my inbox NOW, because I'm expecting not to have much time in the coming months.

    Take advantage now, people. Use me as you will, because the clock is now audibly ticking.

  3. JohnLees Guest

    I'll be sorry to see this column go, Steve, I really love it.

    I'm also 15 pages into a script I cooked up to submit to The Proving Grounds, so I best wrap up the last 7 pages and send it in!

  4. brianaugostino Guest

    Take advantage now, people. Use me as you will, because the clock is now audibly ticking.
    Stayed up late last night to finish my first stab at a script. It's only 7 pages of script but I didn't want to miss my chance. I'm very nervous and excited at the same time. I hope I'm not too late for this column because it really has been an amazing learning tool. All you guys who've sent in scripts have been teachers, as well as students. I hope I've done this column proud. I can't wait to "get mine."

  5. Dungbeetle Guest

    I guess we can still do a script critique between ourselves, it'll just be a bit headless!

    Hi Adam. Are we looking at The Boys with vampires here? Sounds good to me.

    I'm worried about Mr. B's name. Seems a bit silly and Dickensian to me, but hell, if that's what you're going for. Also, the reveal on the love interest would work better if it was the 1st panel on a new page, with her saying hello off panel on the page turn before it. If you put a hot girl on the bottom right of the right hand page I'm going to see her before I get to that panel, and her hawtness will not have it's full effect. Putting her a page on is going to give the reader the same effect she has on Mr. B, right?

    I like the idea of VNN. It brings to mind the end of Sean of the Dead where you've got zombies on gameshows and whatnot as they flick through the TV. But maybe it's a bit over-done. Maybe even start on the vampire channel, but with a more mundane program which doesn't beat us over the head with back story quite as much. A talk show or something. Hell, a cookery program even? It's good to bring us into that world right away but it seems a bit of a deus ex machina for Mr. B to be conveniantly watching something that explains everything so nicely. Take the Phillip K. Dick route - throw us into an unfamiliar world and let us sink or swim. Let us make sense of it as the characters do, rather than adressing us almost directly through that news feature. I mean, most people who read it are already gonna know it's about vampires in the modern world, aren't they? Your cover art or blurb or word of mouth is gonna let them know that.

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