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Thread: Comics & Cinema - Girl's On Film

  1. JayKatz Guest

    Comics & Cinema - Girl's On Film

    Hollywood has been missing the boat on an entire genre.
    Where are all the girls at???

    (Originally published by Jay Katz of InvestComics on on April 1, 2008)
    Edited: Revised 9-16-09

    Hollywood seems to have either a discrimination suit waiting for them or they simply think that females just will not draw the bucks at the theaters. The latter would probably hold true here. The track record unfortunately speaks for itself. Catwoman was an absolute disaster, Elektra was very surface driven with no character development, Supergirl was another disaster and do we really need to say anything about BarbWire?? Is the best Hollywood could offer the fanboys?
    It’s safe to assume that most comic movies coming out today are entertaining and are going to be done well. This is not always the case, but we as comic fan would like to hope they get it right the first time. The ‘re-launch’ word is spoken of way too much for my personal liking when it comes to comic films. While the majority of the movies are good though, some of them just completely miss the mark. Directors are learning as they go along what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to putting those panels and stories from the comics on the screen. We as fans get to either suffer or enjoy the end products. More often than not (lately) the movies are getting better. So if the scripts, special effects and commitments are getting better, why no female heroes in their own solo film? Why is it that we as fans do not get our favorite females heroes (or villains) in solo movies as often as the men get their due?
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Name:	DCLOGO.gif
Views:	66
Size:	9.3 KB
ID:	4920The lists of possible female heroes/villains are endless as are the males and teams. Not everyone can agree on the lady they’d like to see, but you do have the usual suspects; Wonder Woman, Power Girl and Supergirl. Seems as though DC is ruling the land in this department right? So what better time than to do a DC hero movie than now? With the recent DC Entertainment movie announcement and interview with Diane Nelson (Head of DC Entertainment) found right here ( It’s extremely safe to say that DC is putting in their ante. I personally am very excited about this news. Who doesn’t want more Superhero movies? I mean really? We all love them and the ones who say they don’t are lying.
    So lets have a look at some possible females to take command of the silver screen. I’ll list the 1st appearances and the price tag attached to the comic. When Hollywood finally realizes that there is ANOTHER gender out there with just as much power (given the right script) and bucks, don’t say we didn’t give you a heads up.
    I have compiled a list of some picks. These are some of the female character’s that would translate very nicely to film (again, given the right script). So before Hollywood wises up a bit and you miss out on some of these possible collector’s items, take a look at some of these and think, who would you want to see and why? DC can come back with all the Green Lantern, Flash or Shazam movies they want, but why not set the tone and beat Marvel to the punch here and make that epic female hero movie since so many fanboys are clamoring for the DC heroines more than the Marvel ones.
    A note to Hollywood here: Wake up! Why did it take Hollywood 70 years to realize that comic books can make for huge profits on the big screen if done right? We hope it won’t take another 70 to realize you have some awesome female characters that need screen time too. Lets get it done!

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Name:	dazzler.gif
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Size:	54.8 KB
ID:	4922Uncanny X-Men # 130 – With all of this talk about DC, Marvel does have some strength in the female heroes’ category. Dazzler first appears in this X-men comic and for less than $30 this too could be yours.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	TyphoidMary.gif
Views:	51
Size:	57.0 KB
ID:	4924Daredevil # 254 – Here’s another Marvel gem, the first appearance of everyone’s favorite psycho girl Typhoid Mary. Boy oh boy would this film be fun. Get this comic for about $10.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Legion.gif
Views:	39
Size:	70.8 KB
ID:	4923Legion of Super-Heroes #298 – Here’s a DC heroine that needs to be noticed. Amethyst first appears in this Legion book from 1983. You could find this comic at most of your dollar bins at your local comic shop. Dig hard because this one will be a hard one to find in nice condition, if found at all.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	birdsofprey.gif
Views:	37
Size:	142.8 KB
ID:	4925Showcase 96 #3 – Another DC comic, so check out the first Birds of Prey in this one. At less than $8, this one is a keeper. Hollywood you listening?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	firestorm.gif
Views:	143
Size:	134.0 KB
ID:	4926Uncanny X-Men #193 – A hot female hero from Marvel. Well not that kind of hot, but one that is on fire, as in Firestorm. With the cool way Human Torch was put together in the Fantastic Four movies, this female character would light things up! Buy this comic for $5.

    See you all soon and remember to turn off your cell phone when reading this article. We need quiet in this theater.
    Jay Katz

  2. Sliverbane Guest

    Yes, all the movies you listed were pretty bad. Even as a kid I thought there was something missing from the Supergirl film.

    I think this may have a little to do with that there are apparently too few actresses that can play tough and beautiful. (Does she have to be beautiful...I don't think so, but Hollywood sure does) I want to see more female heroes on the screen, but since it appears casting is ALL about the TnA maybe that's part of the problem. I won't deny that 'curves' sell movie tickets - but we all know that's not all female comic heroes have to offer.

    Who will have the stones (lol) to make a movie about a female super hero and DARE to not make it ALL about the spandex, high-heels and cleavage? Maybe the public will take female heroes seriously and clamor for more! I would.

  3. tiggerpete Guest

    I would love to see a Birds of Prey, or maybe a Black Canary solo movie (cameo be GA maybe? after all, he is my guy, just look at my icon)

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