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Thread: TPG: Its Fate--Your Hands

  1. brianaugostino Guest

    In the two short weeks I've been a member, I have become a better writer. This column and Nuts & Bolts have been invaluable. I have printed out every installment of both columns and use them as a study guide. Went to Staples, bought a nice 3-ring binder, put all the articles in...the whole nine yards. I don't reply as much as some of the more senior members because I'm still green. However, I'm sure that will change with time.

    This column should definitely continue. I'm not sure if there's another one like it right now. Just some of the things I've learned from reading Steven's articles:

    Know what can and cannot be drawn.
    Don't be your job.
    Picture it in your head, then describe it.
    More word balloons mean less art.
    25 words per balloon, 35 words per panel.
    Edit, edit, edit.
    And when you think you're done, go back and edit.

    I received an e-mail from Steven yesterday telling me my script will be posted on 10-16. I can't wait. I'm also scared shitless (but in a good way.) But that's why I'm learn. My goal is to make him NOT throw up in his mouth. Long live TPG.

  2. drgerb Guest

    Yeah. This needs to stay. As mentioned above, it can almost feel more like a "family" type deal.. I edit yours, you edit mine.. Give your advice every week and you can expect everyone else's advice kind of thing going on. It definitely has potential.

    And this is makin' us into a brotherhood now. Steven is like the mommy lion who gets poached (for the lack of a better term... ...) and now all the cubs gotta rise up and pounce on something (in the form of editing eachother's scripts...)! Yeah, I'm game!

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    When using a lion analogy, never describe yourself as "I'm game." That makes you prey.

    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  4. tiggerpete Guest

    lol, I was gonna say that too seb

  5. AdamH Guest

    At least he didn't say he'd leap like a gazelle at the chance to peer edit some scripts.

  6. tiggerpete Guest

    lol, guess there isn't much of a herd mentality here huh?

  7. drgerb Guest

    It was lions or sea monkies, lions or sea monkies. Sigh, shoulda went with the sea monkey analogy instead. :/

  8. venusianfurs Guest

    I'm still a lurker and noob around myself, so I can't add much other than this place has been comprehensive and pretty damn invaluable as a resource, I'm really glad it's set to continue. I'll maybe be a more familiar member in the future, but for now, thanks for all the articles, and the information (and that's to everyone too)

  9. BarriLang Guest

    Like Jesus, Forby has given us something to beleive in, somthing that will outlast his mortal body.

    Jesus gave us the beard and sandals look I'm currently rocking.

    Forby gave us TPG.

    Thanks Jes... I mean Steve.

  10. tiggerpete Guest

    so did Forbes die for our sins too? just like Optimus Prime? I mean Jesus?

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