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Thread: My Original Characters

  1. Sandata Guest

    My Original Characters

  2. Sandata Guest

    This is my local everyman hero

    Some of his villains

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    Great lookin' stuff! I've seen that top pic you post on DIGITAL WEBBING or have a myspace? I KNOW I've oooed and aahed at that somewhere.
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  4. Sandata Guest

    not really, haven't been to digital webbing for ages and i have no myspace account. i only have my devianart account and blog.

    and thank you very much!


  5. afeman Guest

    Wow, that stuff is amazing. you really have a wonderful talent for art.

  6. mashfreak Guest

    Really professional. It looks really great.

  7. powerverse Guest

    I really look your art work

  8. riv1 Guest

    Yeah, that's really nice. Cool costumes, too!

  9. Red Guest

    Rad work bro! That stuff is top notch for sure!

  10. riv1 Guest

    I have to find you on Deviantart, i don't think i've ever seen you on that massive site!

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