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Thread: SEB-standard 29: Thinking IN-STORE but OUT-OF-THE-BOX

  1. CalvinCamp Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by SebastianPiccione View Post
    Middle of nowhere 2 hours out of Albany, eh?
    Hey, I said "kind of". About as "middle of nowhere" as you can really get in central upstate New York, I guess. It's not like I'm living in a cabin on a 4x4 trail in the middle of the Adirondacks, but it's pretty rural. I also can't get cell service, cable tv, or DSL internet where I live, so it feels like the boonies sometimes.

    And, yeah, I could probably make the drive to Albany once in awhile, but it's not like I ever go there for anything else, so it seems a bit much just to pick up a batch of comics. And the internet is so easy, it's just not worth it to drive that far for something that can just show up on my doorstep. I get by. I just wish the store that is close, was better.

    But, Pete... cracking your car up and pining over the comics... you're hardcore, man.

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    Yeah, Pete's got some priority issues, methinks.

    Calvin, I lived for two years in the town of Angelica, NY in Allegany County, working at a Blockbuster Video inside either a Wegman's or Topp's grocery store (I forget which) in Wellsville, and an FYE in Olean, while attending grad. school at ALFRED UNIVERSITY and student teaching in Bath.

    I know all too well that Upstate NY has many nowheres to be in the middle of.

    The only comic shop was a hole in the wall (literally) in Olean. The place was small, and a mess, with no real pattern to what went where. They would take PREVIEWS orders, but they were bitter about it.

    Ah, good times...good times...
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  3. tiggerpete Guest

    priority issues, me? whatever could you be talking about? I mean if I had $5 and had to choose between a new comic and lunch, I would get the comic, and hit up the dollar menu with my change. anyway, insurance takes care of everything else, all I need to worry about really is my stuff that was in the car, and of that stuff, the only irreparably damaged items were some of my new comics I had just gotten. If only I still had a LCS to go to, then I wouldn't need to drive an hour to pick up new issues every week. Oh well, one of these days I may move to bigger better places, but for now, I will just stick it out in my little town and try to finish college (no matter how much I finish, it always seems like there is no end in sight, and all for a little piece of paper you hang on a wall) Sometimes I think if they were to award degrees in life experience, I would have been done years ago.

  4. BarriLang Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by tiggerpete View Post
    Star Wars Legacy ended up on the floor of my car with my pop landing on top of it
    I feel for you man... but I found the above comment funny.

    I thought (as you're from the US) that your pop meant your father!!

    I had visions of a tiny man, small enough to tumble off the seat and into the footwell, destroying your comic in the process!

    Having had a second to think about it... did you mean pop "soda". We call it pop over here in the UK but I thought you guys over the pond called it soda.

    Not to make light of your situation... It just tickled me.

  5. tiggerpete Guest

    in my experience, in the Midwest, everyone says pop for the most part, in the South everyone says Coke, and on the coasts it is mostly Soda. It varies more than that, but it is mostly regional dialect, I have always lived in the midwest, so it has always been pop to me. Not sure about other countries though

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