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    Welcome & The Rules

    The Proving Grounds is now closed to new submissions.

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

    For any newcomers… welcome to The Proving Grounds.

    For those who have been here before… welcome to The Proving Grounds – Take 2.

    This column was originally started by Steven Forbes to help out aspiring and up-&-coming writers. Unfortunately Steven can no longer continue his work here, but the goal still remains the same. And things are still going to operate on the tough love, pull no punches basis that Steven founded. So bring your thick skin. We’re not here to pat you on the head and tell you how wonderful you are. We’re here to tear your work apart so you can put it back together again, better than it was before.

    There are a few changes, now, from what we had when Steven was running the show.

    The biggest change is this Calvin Camp guy (that would be me). Steven Forbes is a professional writer and editor. I am not. When Steven speaks, he can do so with the voice of experience, the voice of the teacher. I do not have the voice of experience. I am not the teacher, only a student. So this is now a peer-review column, not an editor-review column, and you should keep that in mind. No matter how strongly I may voice my opinions, they are only opinions, and are not backed by any credentials that should give them particular weight. So you will have to judge the value of what I offer on its own merit, and on its usefulness to you.

    When you submit a script, I will give you a detailed critique, telling you what I think about it. Other people will (hopefully) also tell you what they think, which may be something completely different. So it will be up to you to take what you choose from the mix. We’re just people helping people. We’re all here to help each other, and that means you should also feel free to step up and give your opinion on others’ work, as well.

    With the mission statement out of the way, there are a few rules to cover.

    The Rules:

    1) Scripts should be sent in RTF format.

    2) Your script should be 22 pages or less. (I still won’t do a detailed critique on all of that, I’ll just focus on 5 or 6 pages and possibly do an overview of the whole)

    3) You will use your real name when posting. If your username is not your real name, then put your real name in your signature. You will also put your real name on the scripts, so I can keep track of who I’m critiquing.

    4) There will be no flaming other posters. Everyone is here to help, so treat them accordingly. You can disagree all you like, just do it politely. Don’t start fights. If you have to yell at someone, yell at me. It’s open season on Calvin, but nobody else.

    5) If you’ve broken one of the rules, your script won’t be critiqued. If you send me your script in a format other than RTF, it will be rejected. If you send me your 100 page graphic novel, it will be rejected. If you flamed another poster, your scripts will be rejected (permanently). I will notify you if I reject your script, but (following Steven’s lead) I won’t tell you why. That part is up to you to figure out. The rules are right here and they’re not hard to follow, so it’s up to you to pay attention.

    The column will be running on Thursdays, as long as I have scripts in the queue to critique. Even if there’s no one in the queue, don’t send your script at the last minute and expect it to slip in under the deadline. I’ll generally need some time to fit it into my schedule, so don’t expect a critique the same week you submit.

    Send your scripts, questions, complaints, or other comments to


    The Proving Grounds is now closed to new submissions.
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