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Thread: Who's going next? The Dates!

  1. CalvinCamp Guest

    Who's going next? The Dates!

    The Proving Grounds is now closed to new submissions
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  2. ohteej Guest

    how can i sign up for this?? :confused: i need some critique BAD :o

  3. CalvinCamp Guest

    A good place to start would be to read the "Welcome & The Rules" thread directly below this one. That will tell you what you need to do.

    I'd also recommend reading a few of the other scripts that have been critiqued before, so you can tell if you're making obvious mistakes that others have made before you.

  4. ohteej Guest

    thanks dude!! finishing my script NOW

  5. williefreeman Guest

    Next up?

    Hi Calvin,

    Are you still reviewing scripts for The Proving Grounds? You seemed to average a review every two weeks, and it's been about a month now. I heard that a novelist submitted a script near the end of April and I'm eager to see how she fared in the Proving Grounds.

    -Willie Freeman

  6. CalvinCamp Guest

    Hi, Willie.

    I'm not sure who the novelist would be. The only thing I received in April was Tommy Ferrari's script, which I already reviewed.

    I'm sorry it's been slow here. By the nature of the column, I can only update when someone has submitted a script to review. To answer the question of whether I'm still reviewing scripts, well... I've certainly been available, but the scripts haven't been. And that, I think, is a sign.

    I've been dragging my heels on taking the final step, but I think it's time to admit that The Proving Grounds has run its course. It was going strong there for awhile, even after Steven left, but lately it's felt like TPG was on life-support (not quite dead, but not much sign of life) and I think it's time for me to pull the plug and call it done.

    I'll be making an official announcement shortly.

  7. williefreeman Guest

    Sorry to see it go.
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