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Thread: Comics & Cinema - Avengers Assemble!

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    Comics & Cinema - Avengers Assemble!

    Out of all of the comic book movies we hear of coming our way, only one (maybe 2) makes us all wait like that 8 year old child on Christmas Eve with the butterflies all tangled up in our gut. Thor will come upon us in 2011, while 2012 brings the Avengers. One could only hope that the end of the world doesnít come early to spoil the Avengers fun. The anticipation of watching Thor lay down his hammer to the ground, striking it with the power of thunder, watching the ground reverberate and then watching the ground and every living thing around it succumb to nothingness will be astounding. Yes weíll get the hammer in the air on top of a mountain shot, yes weíll get the whirl and throw as Thor takes flight, but nothing will beat that fury when heís had enough and lays the God of law down. Itís going to be movie magic like never seen before. Thor is a badass, always has been and always will be. Now we all finally get to witness it first hand in a live action epic movie. What could possibly be better than this you ask? The Avengers movie. To have the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America on the same screen at the same time is a comic book fans dream. The biggest question mark remains, will this movie be done Ďrightí? It probably will be. If you look at the other Ďteamí movie the X-Men, it wasnít until the third movie where things really started going wrong with that franchise. The very first X-Men movie was the best one, the introduction of characters, the structure of story and a nice balance of character development. For the reasons the first X-Men movie succeeded will be the same reason the Avengers movie will supersede it. The X-Men movie did not have the introduction of characters in their own films before the movie came out. People will have gotten to know Iron Man and Thor etc when the Avengers movie hits. So what you didnít like the Hulk movie or maybe even Iron Man, but they are not going to be the headliner here. They ALL are, so if you donít like a certain character, you could just eat your popcorn, roll your eyes and wait for your main guy or gal to come on. Didnít most of us do this with Wolverine in the X-Men movie?
    Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, so his movie should be very fine tuned. He is the leader and his movie ďshould beĒ the best of all the solo Avenger movies. Although, Thor will probably be better, but who cares really? Weíre going to be getting a true live action Captain America movie! How great is this?? One of the probable reasons that Cap will be a good movie and not a great one is the overseas worry in releasing an ďAmerican War HeroĒ in todayís political climate. It might not seem like a big deal to anyone here in the states, but even Hollywood did say that this will pose for a slight problem and they do recognize that America is not exactly on top of the Ďlike listí these days with many countries. So with that, we as an audience could suffer a bit if Hollywood decides to make too much nice in order to attract the overseas market. Thus, Thor will be a better movie, no one in Asgard that we have to worry about offending or making amends with. Besides Norman is about to get his ass handed to him by Asgard, so weíll let him deal with them.

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    With the excitement of all of the solo Avenger movies coming, there is also excitement in looking at where all of these characters were first seen on the pages of a comic book. The very first time the Avengers appeared as a team was Avengers #1 from 1963. This comic could fetch at least $9000 or higher depending on the condition. Itís a classic issue brought to you by to classic creators, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Surprisingly there arenít that many key issues in the Avengers run. One of the best standouts in the run comes in with Avengers #4. This issue was the first Silver Age Captain America coming in at a $5000 price tag, this is one to really grab right now. Avengers #57 gives us the first Vision. If Vision is a part of the Avengers movie, this comic will be gaining some exposure. Vision would really translate nicely to the big screen. One could only hope that heíll make an appearance. This comic is only in the $100 range. The last of the best Key issues in the Avengers run has to go to issue #71. The first Invaders appearance would cost only $75.
    As far as the actual Avengers team members, weíre talking a little more cash, but these comics are the cream of the crop. These are comics that will in fact appreciate in value with no sign of ever going down in value. While the Avengers have a ton of members that have come and gone, 84 to be exact at last count. Letís focus on some of the bigger ones that have already been mentioned in this article as well as some others.

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    Thor, first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 in 1962. The classic Kirby/Sinnott cover alone nothing short of beauty here. The going price is about $15,000 and shows no signs of slowing down. If youíre in the market for another key Thor issue that has a tremendous upside and is undervalued at the moment, look for Thor #126. Itís been recommended on InvestComics for a few years now and since that time; itís gone up in value about 9% in each of those years. Might not sound like retirement money (Public service announcement! Please donít think you could retire collecting comic books, nor send your kids to college) Although 9% may not sound like a lot to some people, itís a nice return over a 15 year span if you hold on to this comic. Thor #126 currently comes in at only $450! This comic is basically the very first Thor solo comic. A Thor #1 issue if you will. In issue # 125 of Journey into Mystery with Thor, Marvel decided to drop the ďJourneyĒ name and simply call it Thor with the next issue. This is the most recommended buy right now in the InvestComics portfolio. You cannot go wrong with buying this issue. The Thor movie is going to explode, get in on the Thor craze now before the hammer becomes a regular toy item for every boy to have in their toy chest. Thor #126 is the buy here folks. Sticking with Thor and Journey into Mystery, check out Journey into Mystery #85. This issue is the first appearance of Loki and cameo of Odin. This comic is only $2500 at the moment. Look for the popularity to increase before the Thor movie comes out.

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    The big Green guy, Hulk first appeared in his self titled comic; Incredible Hulk #1. This also came out in 1962 like Thor. There isnít really much to say, except that for $70,000 gets you ownership here. So put that Red Hulk nonsense down and start saving, because at 70k this is a nice deal. You probably could buy this comic at 40k in the right circumstances.
    Iron Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39. This first appearance will cost you about $20,000. Robert Downy Jr. will be doing his thing in Iron Man 2, but look for this to climb in value as the Avengers movie gets closer. Itís not going to happen with the sequel.

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    Now we have come to the biggest star of them all, Captain America. Way back, some 68 years ago, thatís right 68 years ago Steve Rogers first appeared in Captain America Comics #1. Almost right smack in the middle of WWII we received the greatest solider the world has ever seen. Steve Rogers is the American Super solider cost about $140,000 to buy. Well thatís the amount this issue will cost you if youíre looking to buy it. Although very pricey to most, itís an issue that will forever be as valuable as Action Comics #1. A true American Icon of American Comics will never fail in the value column, whether itís emotional value or monetary value.
    Speaking of value, check out 2 issues later in Captain America #3 for Stan Leeís first work. How cool is that?? This comic is worth about $35,000. Owning this comic is basically owning a piece of history. Without Stan, the Avengers donít exist. Yes, superheros would exist, but not Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, you get the point. Itís nostalgia as well that makes this comic so friendly.

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    As said earlier, there have been many Avengers that have graced the pages of the awesome run. A few other Avengers have had their names mentioned to appear in the Avengers Movie, one of them is set to appear in the Iron Man sequel. This character also is probably going to be the front runner to get his own movie as a result of his popularity. Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye will be a nice addition to the Iron Man film if they fit him in. If not, he will be in the Avengers movie. Too much talk about this guy appearing in one of these films if not both. Lots of times they say a character will appear in a movie, but they somehow end up on the cutting room floor. Cutting Clint out of the Iron Man 2 movie would be a travesty. It would be neat to see a hero in that movie that isnít behind an iron suit. War Machine will be awesome, so will Iron Man, but throw Hawkeye with them and you have awesomeness. A great buy goes out to Tales of Suspense #57 (1964) for only $800. A $500 bill will probably get a deal done. Pick this up because with an appearance in Iron Man 2 the interest will start right there. Donít wait 6 months before the Avengers movie to look at this comic. By then youíd have already missed the boat. Another Avenger mentioned is Ant-Man. He first appeared in Tales to Astonish # 27 (1958). Talks of a solo movie for Ant-Man dried up mainly because the interest wasnít there for the studios. This issue will run you about $8000. A few issues later in Tales to Astonish #44 (1959) came Wasp. This female hero will not amount to much (no pun intended) in the Avengers Movie if she does appear. Itís not a home run with this character nor is the investment. $475 is the going tag on Wasp. Pick it up for $400 at the right place, right time.

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    So with that, you have your Avengers Movie ďHeroĒ checklist. Letís not forget that we will see Iron Man 2, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man 4 and a few others that are slipping the brain right now before we ever see the Avengers Movie. Will we ever see this movie ever get done though? I for one certainly hope so. It will be a whoís who of the Marvel universe, as the geeks unite to take in all its glory.

    Avengers Assemble!

    See you all soon and remember to turn off your cell phone when reading this article. We need quiet in this theater.
    Jay Katz

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  2. tiggerpete Guest

    oh how I wish DC would get some more movie projects moving like Marvel, except for Jonah Hex and Green Lantern, all of their properties are just treading water and going nowhere fast, which sucks because there is great potential for some awesome movies there. (Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, JLA, Titans, Suicide Squad, JLI, Captain Marvel, Legion of Superheroes, Hawkman, JSA, Atom are a few that haven't been movies before, not to mention sequels/re-imaginings of Batman, Superman, and Supergirl, who would all be good given Batman's recent success, and the potential that the other two have that has been rarely if at all tapped)

  3. JayKatz Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by tiggerpete View Post
    oh how I wish DC would get some more movie projects moving like Marvel, except for Jonah Hex and Green Lantern, all of their properties are just treading water and going nowhere fast, which sucks because there is great potential for some awesome movies there. (Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, JLA, Titans, Suicide Squad, JLI, Captain Marvel, Legion of Superheroes, Hawkman, JSA, Atom are a few that haven't been movies before, not to mention sequels/re-imaginings of Batman, Superman, and Supergirl, who would all be good given Batman's recent success, and the potential that the other two have that has been rarely if at all tapped)
    So true TP. I pine for the day I could write an article all about those characters you just mentioned. DC really needs to step it up already, its ridiculous how far ahead Marvel has gotten isn't it? I mean why and how does that happen???

  4. DVS Guest

    I like that DC takes it slower, they had a span of Batman movies no better than a few Marvel have squeezed out the last few years, so maybe there looking for quality instead of quantity. If that is true I hope they continue taking there time with those possible projects.

  5. tiggerpete Guest

    I get that, but sometimes the movies that take forever to come out are Catwoman. rushed moves end up as Batman & Robin (at least it didn't seem like a lot of thought was put into it) not every movie can be Dark Knight, but not every movie will be Catwoman either, I just think they can move a little faster and not compromise the overall quality.

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