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Thread: Credits Question

  1. TommyBrownell Guest

    Credits Question

    Bit of backstory: I am working on a one shot, featuring one character who will debut early next year, and another that will debuting in that one shot. Its a superhero misunderstanding/team-up book. Here's my quandry: Credits/splash page.

    I'm opening with a fight scene featuring the hero we already know versus a villain just to show her off a bit, then give her a hook tying her into the main plot. Then I have a sequence bringing in the pawn of the villain (setting up the plot) and the debuting hero.

    In your humble opinions, which would be better:

    1) Doing the splash/credits at the end of the initial opening sequence, when Hero A gets called into the plot?

    2) Splash/credits at the end of the short sequence debuting Hero B?

    3) Saving the splash/credits for the Big Reveal on the final page?

    4) Doing a separate intro page on page 1 with the credits instead of having them on a page in-story?

    5) Or doing said credits on the inside front cover, which will need to be filled anyway?

    Thanks for any and all input.


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    Wherever they seem most natural. It's really a judgement call, and since you're the only one who knows what the script will look like, you're the only one who can make the call.
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  3. TommyBrownell Guest

    My impulse was to wait until both primary characters had appeared...but I worry that it's a bit too "deep" into the book to be pushing credits on someone (6 pages into a 32 page story)...aside from the end of the book, have you seen credits that far in? I can't think of any examples off the top of my head, myself.

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    I've seen them 2-4 pages in, I can't imagine 6 pages would be the end of the world.

    I think it could work.
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  5. TommyBrownell Guest

    Thanks...I think at this point I am leaning toward either the page 6 credits or the inside front cover credits.

    I appreciate the input.

  6. Dipso Guest

    Also keep in mind, the credits will break the flow of dialogue.
    The reader will read the dialogue, read the credits, then read the next dialogue.
    I suggest placing the credits on a page where it's ok to have a pause between the dialogue.

    You mentioned placing the credits at the end of two possible sequences, which is good.

  7. BrandonBarrows Guest

    As a reader, I hate random credits in the middle of a book. I read an indy I picked up online the other day with credits 14 pages into the book.

    What I do is full credits on the inside cover, and on the splash page the series title and story name. It's much less disruptive, I feel.

  8. DrRamen Guest

    Credits on the first splash page. Too far in will break things up too much

  9. ChaosGeneration Guest

    I'd say credits on inside front cover would be best for your readers and (in my humble opinion) it looks better.

  10. Dipso Guest

    I also like the credits on the inside cover.

    It's also cool when the artist works it into the splash page, e.g. the credits are on a newspaper on someone's desk, a poster on a wall, etc.

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