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Thread: The Comics Panel Time-Master--PART 2: How We Read Comics

  1. CalvinCamp Guest

    Thanks, Lee. I appreciate it.

    And this part does bear considering:
    Quote Originally Posted by LeeNordling View Post
    ...but I think you might have been putting the onus on me for not communicating it better,
    You may be right, there, and I'll try to avoid that in the future. I don't normally have this much trouble comprehending what someone is talking about, but it may be the subject matter. Whatever it is, I'm certainly willing to try harder to sort through what you've said before repeating questions (or asking them in the first place). Whether it works... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Whether it works or not, I intend to see that it doesn't derail things to this extent again.

  2. LeeNordling Guest

    Well, we've mostly stayed on topic, so if there are 400 other people out there who're also trying to sort it all out, this extended conversation sorting it out may have helped.



  3. drgerb Guest

    But it's almost like there's some sort of communication spacewarp where everything that each of us writes, comes out strangely altered when the other reads it.
    Gah, I've had that with someone before. It's funny. No matter how you word something, I believe it can be read two ways, if not more. The catch is some personalities just "clash." I hate saying stuff, having this person take away one meaning, being so pissed at me, then later realizing why we hate eachother. It's often times just an issue of miscommunication. Everything can be read and interpreted multiple ways.. And the english language isn't perfect. So yeah...

    Perhaps, though, others here can find ways to rephrase stuff I've written that you somehow miss, and maybe that will do the job; there are certainly folks trying to do that.
    I've been trying and in the past I've done a decent job. Back in school, when a student could not at all understand what the teacher was saying (and the teacher not understanding why, thinking the student is one of them fabled 'bad apples' rather than just a misunderstood student), I'd step in, change a few words, and tada, the girl totally understood the computer program we were trying to run. It's usually a lack of comminucation or a misinterpretation of what was communicated. I've tried already, but every now and then I bridge that gap of trying to put words into Lee's mouth. Or trying to touch on aspects that Lee's going out of his way to avoid touching on until next week. So my bad. I'll try to keep it to this week's article rather than going off on my own opinions sometimes.

    I will give you props on 9 pages of replies, Lee! Nice! Hah. I used to compute number of pages of replies to the quality of the post.. Which may not be such a great thing to do, but hey. And Calvin, keep posting. All miscommunication aside, you're a striving creator. Keep it that way. If somebody misunderstands you (no offense Lee), keep on coming. Don't just step back into the shadows and hope you learn everything without really LEARNing...

    I knew a Christian friend back in high school who wasn't the "sharpest tool in the shed," nor the smartest... But he loved his beliefs. So he went and read the Bible. And after asking him if it was a good book (which a teacher told me it was, regardless of personal beliefs), he said he didn't know. He just read it so he could tell people he read it, not so he actually understood it. 99% of the pages probably went over his head. So then I'm wondering, what's the point? You can fill your head with words, but unless you UNDERSTAND them, you'll go nowhere. And then there's that old cliche quote... There are no stupid questions. But maybe, for everybody else's sake, try to word your questions as close to first base as you can. Erm home? I dunno baseball analogies.

    Try to be concise, and articulate what you mean, instead of quotting, quotting til the cows come home, and commenting on every other line (no offense, anyone, lol)... The first sentence you type, along with your last paragraph, try to ascentuate what you're looking for. It'll let the replier understand what he's meant to reply to, and with. And I dunno, maybe the same kinda goes for Lee. I dunno. It's easy to sit outside the window and judge everyone else. But if anyone ever has any issues or questions, or answers... Try to get at them first with as few words as possible. Keep posting here, Calvin. Just try to hit your issue as fast as possible. Anyway...

    Sorry if I have offended anyone. Peace.

    PS. Wow, this thread ran all week. Now I'm excited for tomorrow's post! Woot. Let's shoot for TEN pages! Muahaha! Joking.

  4. drgerb Guest

    PS: Everyone go watch Bruno. Borat, in case you haven't seen it, they attack American / modern day culture beliefs so well, it makes you wonder which perspective you're coming from. Bruno especially, if you're not anti-homosexual. If you are. go rent Borat, THEN Bruno. Bleh.

    It's funny how easy it is for some people to make fun of us, without us even realizing it.

    If nobody's seen it, go check it out, and go into it thinking about what you can take away. Not totally what the meaning is, but more so what you can take away from it. Bleh.

    Bruno is God. My bad.

  5. CalvinCamp Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by drgerb View Post
    Back in school, when a student could not at all understand what the teacher was saying (and the teacher not understanding why, thinking the student is one of them fabled 'bad apples' rather than just a misunderstood student), I'd step in, change a few words, and tada,
    Maybe I'll just holler for you the next time I'm stumped, then. "Hey, D! What's Lee talking about this time?"

    And, yeah... I was sometimes dumped in the "bad apple" bin when I was in school. It seemed like my teachers always either loved me or hated me - awards or failing grades, seldom anything in between.

    I even had one teacher screaming (literally), pissed at me, because she thought I was messing with her. I'd been running a straight 40 average in her class and then scored a 90-something on the final. I couldn't find a way to explain to her that I had somehow grasped the idea behind what she was telling me (by fighting through, even if I failed horribly while doing it), but just couldn't grasp what she was telling me. Others could somehow show me how something worked, and I'd get it. Some liked the way I'd "involve myself in class," debating and questioning every little thing - and some didn't.

    I think my problem (or at least a big part of it) is that I don't get anywhere by just accepting something by rote, because someone told me (or even showed me), that it works. I need to know how it works and why it works, or it doesn't work. It's like I'm a cook that can't follow a recipe, but if I can figure out how the ingredients work together then I'm cooking ("I know it says to put baking soda in the mix. But why? What does it do?"). The upside is that once I do get it, I can usually apply what I learned much better than I ever could have by just following the "recipe." It's weird. And I understand how it can frustrate people. It can frustrate me.

    I won't be leaving completely. There's stuff being presented here that I want to learn, so I'll try to learn it, even it's a struggle. But I'll have to find a way to struggle more quietly, do more of it out of sight. And, as you noted, I also need to try not to get distracted by chasing after every little side issue that comes up - that's another weakness I have (fortunately one that should be easier to curb).

    Like Lee said... We'll find a way through it. I don't know if I can completely change, but I'll at least adapt.

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