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Thread: Ted Naifeh's BATMAN VILLAINS

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    Ted Naifeh's BATMAN VILLAINS

    Hey gang,

    Ted Nafieh is a friend of a friend. Lately, he's been working on perfecting his own look for the BATMAN rogues to pitch his stuff to DC. Ted's got great art and great aspirations.

    ...and I think he's forgotten how DC treats people named TED.

    I've attached a few here, and set up a link to his site, so you can check out the rest.

    Any and all feedback is appreciated.





    Here's a link for the rest.
    Attached Thumbnails joker_01.gif   poison_ivy_04.gif   riddler_01.gif  
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  2. DVS Guest

    Cool ideas, I like how he makes them his creations even though they've been done since the biginning of time. It's good people put twists on old characters.

  3. BrandonBarrows Guest

    Some cool stuff on his website.

    He's got a great eye for panel and page layout.

  4. afeman Guest

    He certainly has a unique style, however his Joker art illustrates the joker as a sane individual rather than insane...

  5. mashfreak Guest

    They all look great. Especially the Riddler.

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