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Thread: Comics Cultures, Part 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by danialworks View Post
    Forgive the late arrival... I perused the preceding 5 pages and kind of got a headache, so sorry if the following is redundant.

    From the perspective of a publisher, the page rate system minimizes the possibiltiy of agents, lawyers, or even union organizers entering the picture. Once upon a time, it eliminated agents and union organizers, if not lawyers. Let's assume Neil Gaimen has both agents and lawyers, but mostly makes use of them in other media. Mostly.

    But from the POV of the talent, the page rate system assures you will be paid for your work. Once that $75 bucks a page hits yer bank account, the publisher can't ask for it back if the project fails. Advances can be different. Royalties are like page rates, but before signing any contract make sure whether or not it says all or part of your advance is returnable to the publisher if the project fails to make that black line, or even if the project sells fewer copies than expected. Put more simply, a publisher CAN ask for an advance back unless you get it put in your contract that said monies are non-returnable. Uncle Sam will likely expect you to pay taxes on the advance money whether you get to keep it or not.
    I appreciate you coming in, Danial, and sorry for creating the headache, but it's been a dialogue that followed a different track than the one you're going into here.

    The last repeat of the initial question was this: Keeping Ronald's seven starter questions in mind (from the a couple pages ago), do you believe comics should be paid on a per page basis? Why or why not?

    Our goal here was to create a series of criteria through which creators could determine THEIR own specific needs for payment, rather than blindly adhering to the tribal habit of being paid by the page.

    Check out the discussion (when your head stops hurting), and you'll be back up to speed.

    I'm not sure that I agree with you're assessment of the reason comics publishers use the page rate system--historically, I do discuss its origins in this thread, though--but let's hold that discussion off till Tuesday when we tackle the next leg of this journey.

    Looking forward to you joining the chat next week.

    If you check in daily, it'll be easier to track...and once again, the conversation will be advancing on a daily basis.


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