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Thread: Announcement - All good things must end.

  1. CalvinCamp Guest

    Announcement - All good things must end.

    I've been dragging my heels about making this announcement, but the time has come and there doesn't seem to be much sense it putting it off any longer.

    This place has been good to me (and, I hope, to all of you), but all good things must end. I'm going to be pulling the plug on the column and closing The Proving Grounds.

    Interest has waned - which is to be expected, as folks will naturally reach the point where they've learned what they can, here, and move on. Now I think it's time for me to move on as well. I've had a pretty good run, playing editor. It's been a lot of fun for me and I've learned a lot. I can only hope it's been equally enjoyable, and educational, for others.

    I want everyone to know that I appreciate all the contributions you've made. You've all made my time in the Proving Grounds, as a student and as "the teacher", a truly memorable experience. And I especially want to thank Steven for the opportunity, both to learn from him and to continue the column he started, to try and pass some learning on.

    Thanks, guys. I couldn't have done any of this without you.

  2. MattDocMartin Guest

    I hope you do pop in from time to time.

  3. JohnLees Guest

    I'm really sorry to hear this, Calvin. I, like many others have sure, have been thinking, "Oh, I really want to try writing something else for The Proving Grounds", only to not get round to doing it. I feel bad that our lack of motivation has led to the closure of an excellent column.

    But if its time has come, I just want to thank Steven Forbes for originating the concept, one which was a great help to me as a comic writer. And I also want to thank Calvin Camp for carrying on with the column after Steve, and bringing his own insight and technical expertise to the role and making it his own. Thanks to both of you - and of course, to all the people who submitted their scripts - for making The Proving Grounds great.

  4. ChrisLewis Guest

    Thanks so much for the help, Calvin. See that comma I put in there? Couldn't have learned that without you. Jokes aside, I really appreciated your advice and wish you the best of luck with your next project. Cheers.

  5. CalvinCamp Guest

    Thanks again, guys.

    There's something I want to be clear on, though. I don't want you folks thinking this is somehow your fault. If it weren't for all of you submitting scripts, The Proving Grounds wouldn't have happened at all. And I know that the continued participation had already greatly exceeded Steven's original expectations well before I took over. It's really something that the column ran as long as it did. If anyone should be taking the blame, it's me - I could have done more promotion than I have, gotten out there and spread the word better. But then... I never really expected to do this forever, either.

    The thing to remember is that we've all accomplished a lot here. That's more important than how long the column lasted. Now it's time to take what we've learned and practice it. There's no reason anyone needs to write "something for The Proving Grounds". Just write.

  6. BarriLang Guest


    I've not been around in ages and that's thanks to Calvin and Steve getting me to a point where I’m happy to write and self edit (with some off the books help from Calvin)

    It's a shame to see it go but as the original mantra was, it lives and dies of the scripts. If everyone is doing what they should and listening there the need for proving grounds diminishes. TPG has been the victim of its own success It was a great run and I'm glad to have been a part of it.

    Thanks Calvin for seeing us to our destination and to Steve who started us down the road.

    Profound words like that are the product of TPG

  7. MikeV Guest

    I always planned on sending something into TPG myself, I just never got around to it. Still, just reading through the archives has been very helpful and has no doubt improved the writing skills of myself and many others.

    Thanks to everyone involved in it, great work, sorry to see it ending. All the best!

  8. harryd Guest

    Ah well, all good things must come to an end. It was a good run, and thanks for taking the time to do critiques.

  9. jamesfairlie Guest

    You will be sadly missed, Calvin. Both Steven's critiques and yours have helped my writing no end, and I am sure that even if you're not around to point out specific flaws, the archives here will be a great aid to any aspiring writer.

  10. drgerb Guest

    I must send a thanks too, to both Calvin and Steven. I've been secretly hoping I'd log in eventually and see a big list of 15 edits coming up. Oh well.

    I've been planning a submission for a long time now. Guess I'll have to figure out what else to do with that particular script. Anyway.

    Thanks again, everybody, both Calvin and Steven included, for putting the time into this column. It was fantastic while it lasted.

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