part 1
Show a young white male walking with his head down, hands in his jacket pockets. Caption: [ People always ask me why do I walk with my head down?]
[ It's not that I am sad...] Show his hair blowing in the evening wind...
caption: [ although mom died a few years ago, hit and run driver.] [Some one in a hurry to get nowhere.] show a profile shot of his face... [ so it has just been dad and myself] show him walking home from school as other teens pass him by laughing, as if he does not exist [ today was supposed to be like any other boring day, come home after school feed the cat, take out the garbage.] [ make my own lunch ect.. ect..] show him walking passed an old abandon building on his way home. [ but on this day something amazing happend] show something twinkling out of the corner of the young mans' eye off panel, grabbing his attention. show him going in closer to see what is shining so brightly at him. As he approaches the shiny object, it takes on the form of a golden ring with a lighting bolt on it. The young man quickly picks up the ring. Examing it closely, noticing some strange word written on the side. In a language he did not recognize, more strangely the word begins to get blurry and change into something he can understand.
The word on the ring clears up to spell out the word O-D-I-N. [ODIN] he thinks as he hears some voices in the distance. The young man quickly puts the ring on and runs deeper into the building away from the voices. The ring on his finger begans to tingle, looking at it on his finger. The young man notices that it has changed from gold to silver . [weird huh??] [well what happened next changed my life forever...] The young man trips and falls down onto an unstable flooring that gives way. Dropping him into a basement area. Covering in dirt and debris, body aching from the fall. The young man tries to pull himself together enough to find a way out of the basement. Trying to kick open boarded up doors to no avil, then the ring begans to tingle again this time it begans to hurt. Show the young man down on his knees in the dark basement holding his left hand in pain. Then the ring takes on a glow that lights up the dark space. The word O-D-I-N shines only
this time the young man says the word instead of thinking it. "ODIN." The room fills with light as lighting crackles around him. Then he is stroke by a bolt of lighting. The young man yells out at the top of his lungs in great pain.
The young man lays there on the floor as his body bubbles, red garbs begin to cover his body. A silver belt seems to grow out of his waist, bearing a lighting bolt. Then back to blackness after a few minutes the young man comes to. Feeling very strange... looking at his hands and body he begins to panic. Slamming into the same boarded up door from before. But this time he smashes clear through it with ease. Not noticing that he is now moving through the basement knocking down support beams, bringing the building down on top of himself. The walls crack even further, the building begins to buckle. Without thinking the young man jumps towards a wall seeking to get out of the crumbling building. The young man leaps clearly through the wall and away from the building. Out in the light he once again exames himself, looking back at the building as it continues to crumble he thinks [ did i do that??] The young man begins to hear voices again running to hide behind a tree, so that no one would see him. [what happened?] He thinks as he trys to figure out what to do next.... [ Am I stuck this way and what way is this??]