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Thread: Could Galactus give a herald Thor's powers?

  1. Red Guest

    I guess I need to brush up on my cosmic marvel stuff. I honestly thought he was the oldest celestial who predated the others as well as the universe itself.

  2. ShutOffTheSun Guest

    'Power like Thor's?' No.

    but powers superior? absolutely

  3. Slither Guest

    In an instant or two, Galactus has:

    1) Given Norrin Radd vast access and control over the Power Cosmic, which can do practically anything

    2) Given control/access to cosmic flames that make the Human Torch's powers look lame to two separate beings

    3) Given control over the Power Cosmic to a being and a ROBOT so they could control air to vast extents as well as other energy forms.

    4) Given someone control over all things earth-based.

    And I'm not even touching on what he's done for Red Shift, Morg, or, especially TYRANT!

    IMO, Galactus learned his lesson from Tyrant. When you create someone, don't make him/her/it too powerful. So,I do believe he COULD give someone the powers of Thor.... but, he's leery of doing so.

  4. Slither Guest


  5. comicbookfan21 Guest

    surfer is way more powerful then thor and galactus is more powerful then odin so why not?

  6. RedCelestial Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by Red View Post
    Hmmm that doesn't help me much. Why doesn't he qualify as a celestial?
    The Celestial's origins are unknown, Galactus's origin is that he was once a scientist named Galan who existed in the Universe prior to the current Marvel Universe...Galan's universe was about to die and give birth to the current Universe in the Big Bang, but before it died part of it merged with Galan...Galan's ship became a sort of Cocoon by the time the Big Bang happened Galan was already in his Cocoon evolving into the being that would be known as Galactus.

    As to the original question Galactus 'could' most likely create and give a Herald Thor like powers but it wouldn't be exactly the same since Galactus's powers aren't Magical in nature

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