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Thread: Thanos Respect Thread

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    Thanos Respect Thread


    It is about freaking time. Thanos has no respect thread? Disgrace.

    Anyway, the feats are listed in:
    1. DURABILITY (Which, as it says, includes durability feats)
    2. ENERGY (Thanos's energy manipulation feats, ranging from matter manipulation to his offensive blast power, and forcefields. Stuff like that. ALSO includes his telepathic feats.)
    3. INTELLIGENCE (Prep feats, intelligence feats, outsmarting feats, tech feats...)
    4. STRENGTH (Straightfoward as the title. Thanos's strength feats)
    5. OTHER (Other, obsucure stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else)
    6. FIGHTS (Fights with different characters)

    So, all I have to say...Respect the coolest Marvel Cosmic ever.

    Note: This Respect Thread was originally compiled by Crawlactus, Devourer of Threads on the now defunct website, HeroChat.

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    1. Thanos takes all-out punch from Thing and doesn't even move.

    2. Post-Resurrection Thanos (upgraded by Death) takes blast from Surfer and is hardly bothered by it.

    3. Very good durability feat here, Thanos endures the myriad of different realities which are damaging both physically and spiritually and takes it with no trouble.

    4. Try to use nerve blows at Thanos? Good luck with that...

    5. Some sort of Thanos projection takes X-Man's blasts with no trouble.

    6. Captain Marvel's blasts don't give much trouble.

    7. Thanos survives the explosion of an Galactus level being.

    8. Survives an huge explosion caused by Kosmos, near-Cosmic Cube level being.

    9. Survives the explosion of his ship, caused by the Fallen One.

    Other durability feats can be found from the fights.

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    2. ENERGY

    1. Matter manipulation, Thanos turns a Skrull into stone.

    2. One MINIMAL blast from his fingers knocks Thing out effortlessly.

    3. One small blast takes out Drax.

    4. Mind battle with Moondragon, which Thanos wins (Note: Thanos has the cosmic cube, but the comic makes no mention of it being used on this fight, so make your own conclusions).

    5. Thanos can shoot "death rays" out of his eyes.

    6. Thanos destroys the mind of Pip the Troll.

    7. Knocks out Thing and Thor with his eye-beams.

    8. His forcefield easily takes the blast of Silver Surfer.

    9. Really good feat here, he matches the power of In-Betweener.

    10. His blasts can destroy planets.

    11. The combined force of Alpha Flight, X-Men and Avengers can't break Quasar's shield. But when Thanos blasts it...

    12. Blasts through Magus's door (which was very durable).

    13. Astral battle against Goddess, together with Xavier and Adam Warlock.

    14. Teleporting beam.

    15. Takes out the "mouthpiece of death". Surfer had major troubles with it pages before.

    16. Blasts Terrax (GL/Surfer crossover).

    17. Blasts Hulk.

    18. Stops Thor's hammer on it's tracks.

    19. Dissolving molecules..

    20. Thanos absorbs mental energy.

    21. Absorbing life-force isn't hard for him either.

    22. This is possibly the most impressive absorbing feat Thanos has done...he absorbs enough energy to make the entire Universe scream and then releases it.

    23. Thanos can make people Deadpool here.

    24. With one eye-blast, Thanos destroys one of the "Thanos-copies".

    25. His forcefields take assault from being that is Galactus level.

    26. Blast that can level a mountain.

    27. Creates an house from nothing.

    28. Mental battle against Galactus.

    29. Another insane blast feat...sends Galactus through his ship and to the surface of the planet.

    30. Eye-blasts effortlessly take out Galactus's robots.

    31. Forcefield takes assault from Galactus.

    32. Manipulates Fallen One's mind, showing that he is capable of doing fine-control mental feats too.

    Other energy feats can be found from the fights.

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    1. Thanos goads Adam Warlock to use Soul Gem.

    2. Thanos, in very short time was able to build an weapon capable of destroying stars (In your face, Sun Crusher).

    3. And even normal blasts from his ships knock out Thor with ease, and Iron Man and Mar-Vell get knocked out even when the blast doesn't directly hit them.

    4. Makes Silver Surfer believe that he is dead.

    5. Outsmarts the In-Betweener.

    6. Outsmarts the Gardener.

    7. Reality Gem's potential is beyond the scope of most intellects. Not Thanos's.

    8. Outsmarts the Gamesmaster.

    9. Thanos states that with tech, he can pretty much replace mystic properties.

    10. "In all galaxy, there is no greater schemer then Thanos of Titan". (That is Thanos doppelganger in the picture btw.)

    11. Outsmarts some Marvel heroes.

    12. Outsmarts Memphisto.

    13. From group of Adam Warlock, Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer, Thanos proves to be the best one in finding way out from the psychic maelstrom of Thor's insanity (Warrior madness & Power Gem).

    14. Thanos's intelligence was enough to create Galactus level being (When he had the IG, but it was still his intelligence).

    15. Showing of Thanos's strategic mind..."All battles are won or lost before even the first blow is struck. Execution is a mere formality."

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    1. Iron Man's armor is strong. It takes punches from the likes of Hulk and Thor, blasts from Silver Surfer, and other stuff. Thanos cracks it with ease.

    2. Thanos effortlessly swats Iron Man and Starfox aside.

    3. Thanos knocks out Thing with one punch.

    4. Dislocating Drax's jaw (together with Gamora).

    5. Bitchslaps Hulk and Drax.

    6. Matches strength with Thor, punch to punch.

    7. Treats Thing and Professor Hulk like couple of children...

    8. Swats Jack of Hearts away.

    9. Standstill with Tyrant.

    10. Catches Terrax's axe between his hands easily.

    Other strength feats can be found from the fights.

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    5. OTHER

    1. A little showing of the army Thanos has gathered.

    2. More Thanos army showings - notice that each of his ships has enough power to wreck a world.

    3. Thanos can teleport. Here he teleports to another plane of existence.

    4. He can be invisible even to beings like Galactus.

    5. Thanos's powers stem from bionics, mysticism (so he has magic too) and will-power, plus his eternal heritage.

    6. Thanos is described as "demi-god".

    7. More of Thanos's army.

    8. Thanos is easily the most dangerous foe Mar-Vell has ever faced.

    9. Thanos is outside Destiny's realm of influence, thus Chaos and Order has no influence to him, and he can stay invisible to them.

    10. Though he doesn't show it a lot, Thanos is surprisingly fast.

    11. Thanos obviously is a gifted fighter, as he was responsible of Gamora's training.

    12. X-man was in contact with Thanos's conciousness for a second, yet he was never more scared in his life.

    13. Thanos can speak freely with abstracts.

    14. More of the army of Thanos.

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    6. FIGHTS

    1. First fight between Thanos and Drax. Thanos destroys the planet in process and wins.

    2. Second fight. Not as much a fight as a brutal owning, as Thanos take's Drax's blasts with laughable ease and one-shots him. Also shows how merciless and badass Thanos is, when he could kill a mother and a child with no emotional trouble at all.

    3. Defeats Mar-Vell.

    4. Thanos VS Magus.

    5. Defeats Adam Warlock.

    6. Defeats Thing and Thor.

    7. The last fight against Captain Marvel, where Thanos aids Captain Marvel in his death.

    8. Versus Champion. Great showing of Thanos's skills and strength.

    9. Thanos VS. Death's legion of Doom...

    10. Thanos VS his Magus of the longest and sweetest fights of Thanos.

    11. Most likely the most impressive fight of Thanos...Thanos Versus Odin. Notice how much above Thanos is from the likes of Surfer.

    12. Thanos faces one of the most deadliest armies in the Universe...not good for the army. Another good skill showing for Thanos.

    13. Thanos battles his way through the mind of a being (And kills the guy in the process).

    14. Thanos completely owns Jack of Hearts and then defeats Ganymede.

    15. Another of Thanos's most impressive battles...fight against Tyrant.

    16. Thanos literally kills Surfer. Easily.

    17. Defeats one of the aspects of Mantis.

    18. Really short tussle against Scarlet Witch and Thor.

    19. Thanos fights against his brother, and wins.

    20. Thanos fights against Galactus's robots.

    21. Thanos defeats Kosmos.

    22. Thanos fights the Fallen One.

    23. Thanos shows his INSANE strength and durability by going toe to toe against Thor who is in Warrior Madness AND has the Power Gem.

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    Great job, i have a lot of Thanos scans/feats stored on my computer, can i post them here?

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    Credit should be given to Crawlactus, Devourer of Threads, as he originally compiled this on the now defunct website, HeroChat. I thought it would be a travesty to let these Respect threads just disappear in to the ether of the internet now that HeroChat is gone so I'm reposting as many as I can and yes, feel free to add to it. ")

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