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Thread: New artwork

  1. Smeets Guest

    New artwork

    some stuff i've done recently when i'm not working on my book. and i've started to paint. it only took me 25 years to put down the trusty pencil and pick up the brush. i never was that confident with a brush lol.

    New art...


  2. Norvell Guest

    I wish I lived in a world where I could cut off other peoples' heads and absorb their talent, similar to Highlander. You would be on my list.

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    These look like something out of a history of art class book. Good work!

  4. Smeets Guest

    wow, thanks guys. that's very kind of you.

  5. desertdogg Guest

    nice work you got going here. is there a medium you like to paint with the most. water colors. pastels or oils.

  6. Rustyhook Guest

    My favorite was "Abandoned", and the balloons in the shed... nice combo of styles.

  7. TomLupo Guest

    VERY NICE....i like the sweet dreams one the best....

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