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Thread: Ben Grimm Respect Thread

  1. Chilli Guest

    Ben Grimm Respect Thread

    A lot of the scans of the old one doesn't work any more so , I got pretty much re scan some shit. So sooner or later I might



    1. Strength

    Thing working out with small building back in the stan lee days.(stated in Sphinx era,)

    Thing benches press a few dozens of tons.

    Topples some buildings remains

    Stopping and redirecting a train with his feet

    Blocks the Ebon Seeker from destroying the Baxter Building.
    Also knock it around when pissed.
    It was later stated that he was living Black Hole.
    So Basically Thing was knocking around a embodiment of a black hole.

    Apparently made 100 tons out of Building basically.

    Thing vs Ultron, Thing was being called equal to Ultron despite Ultron fighting say...Thor before this.

    Thing's pulls cord that is over 3 miles deep down into the ocean, it's basically a H-BOMB with the power to create a large tidal wave

    Thing's fight with Luke Cage demolish some buildings. He basically just topple one of them.

    Trip over a Heavy/Dense Vision.

    Thing steps in, He shakes the theater and even T'challa's fight broke the fuck up.

    Here , we have Thing stopping while having a normal conversation to Alica showing no will effort of stopping

    The injured thing managed to a hold off Nuklo for a moment until Goliath steps in.

    Thing is clearly doing more damage than Goliath here too with Nuklo.

    Thing with a ridiculous amount of force using one finger and breaks Klaw's shield. Klaw as you know was pretty powerful enough to give F4 a good work out.

    Thing's supports and fixes a entire Oil Rig.

    Pretty much breaches a dome that cover around the entire city, by focusing in one spot.

    Over the years, Thing has caused vast destruction to the city and destroyed some national objects

    Lifts a boat with one hand

    Here is Thing pretty much subconciously destroying the city in his mind. Already he was pretty much fighting with himself.

    rips a large ship,

    Thing shakes a building/sky scaper to the point that it tilts.

    Thing's lifts what seems to be Lourve Pyramid.

    Thing stops a policeboat riding on a tsunami

    Thing topples a Giant that destroy the NY bridge to manhatten, and a ship.

    Moves force of a small mountain

    Even through Thing could barely move...Thing punches Robot across the fortress and out of the chamber

    Punches through six inchs of Titanium steel

    I think you can get the picture this crap is for Ben to destroy.

    Oh, finally, Ben has punched people through buildings before...

    Things plows Doom into a building

    and Oh it should be noted that... Thing does get stronger over the years...



    proven so.

    and probably still will get stronger...
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  2. Chilli Guest

    2. Durability
    Nothing to be underestimated about, but Thing is pretty tough cookies. IMO there is no reason why Thor or Superman could shot Thing. It has never happen consistently before.

    From what it's worth, Thing has a good record aganist Nerve strikes

    Thing spanks Moon Dragon an ignores some nerve strikes

    Thing suriving a building so heavy that ClassiC Sassy,who was stronger than Thing,barely can lift it.

    Bottom line is that Buildings don't bother the thing.

    He even got plow through one and gave Terrax the same thing

    but he has been hurt by a Klaw's city lighting rays... ... 056-13.jpg ... 056-14.jpg

    he even surived going pretty damn down a Whirlpool ... 103-15.jpg

    Or whirpools in mutiples current

    he surived Dragon Man's flame before

    and the heat and pressure of a core, and the expulsion of a planet. Cover over two hundred miles, and crap.

    Here Thing after willing himself out of the lighting torture, he manages to resist beatings from Mole Man's subterranean men to Human Torch. Once he got to Human Torch, Human Torch couldn't quite put Ben. Meaning that Ben at this point of his career could have live most of Johnny's heat. On average Johnny can melt pretty much any metal in seconds, and melt bullet faster than they can get near. It's a feat definately.

    Later Ben is ok.

    Similar example, this time Torch is trying to get out of Ben's grip.

    Comments: It should be noted shit like this is never inconsistent. However. This is probably imo the best resistance against Human Torch's flames.

    Ben can handle Tank shells just fine, he caught the shell of a tank.

    Hand Grendages do shit.

    Bazooka?Jack shit.

    Ben surives close range misslies.

    Ben surives the Reentry explosion of his space shuttle.

    Ben surives a explosion later in the story that takes out. He doesn't get near it, but he was in the explosion radius since he was knocked out. The first scan is to show off it's power.

    Ben takes a lethal dose of Doom's electrical surge that kill Wannabe Super Skrull, aka, Doom's clone son.He surives it,but he clearly going to pass out entirely...the difference is that Doom kills the Super clone Skrull easily.Should be noted that Super Skrull had a lesser dose of F4's powers...

    Ben shrugs off what Paibok claims "Absoulte Zero" ice, is it just a bluff or it is for real? You decide. Still a impressive showing of his never say no attitude.

    Ben got up from Mole Man's Blockhouse, which was claim to have blockhouse buster force.

    Ben shrugs off being send flying from a City Block to NYC Amusement park, and is cracking jokes about the landing.

    Ben walks off some blunt force of a H-Bomb.

    Ben shrugs off a shot to Hulk from, Thor. Ben is fine.

    Thing and Thanos tackle each other, and Thing is fine

    Ben shrugs water power electricfying gun.

    Ben almost tank through the eariler Cyke's optic beams

    Ben takes no damage from a shot from Sandman

    Beating surivies a volcano eruption while he pretty much was on a high gravity planetoid.

    Out of Anybody who fights with The Skrull gangsters,Ben shrugs off the most their nerve shattering beams..

    Thing pretty shrugs off and ignores most of the explosion a huge ass ship.

    During his little face off with Blaastar, Ben gets blasted through planetoids from Blastaar's exploding beams...
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  3. Chilli Guest

    3. Fights

    Aww...the best way to rank the Thing, I'm going to be taking more of Ben's better showings aganist his rivals and peers. So that means their probably shitty with people like Namor, or Hulk. Through, that won't mean that all of the showings will be ignored. Sooner or later, I might just hunt down the worst showings of the things.

    Let's with his showings aganist Galactus

    Thing and Reed beat Galactus with the thanks of a spell from Strange. Weak, yes...but that didn't really stop Galen from facing Iron Man and Thor...right?

    Lets be clear here. Thing has beaten Hulk with help or Hulk being Handicapped.

    Heres Thing's most extent fight with the Hulk yet. ... 112-01.jpg ... 112-02.jpg ... 112-03.jpg ... 112-06.jpg ... 112-07.jpg ... 112-08.jpg ... 112-09.jpg ... 112-10.jpg ... 112-11.jpg ... 112-14.jpg ... 112-15.jpg ... 112-16.jpg ... 112-17.jpg ... 112-18.jpg ... 112-19.jpg

    Don't know what happens on panel, but I do know that they left the scene and intended them to have the two going toe to toe and being equal until Alica screws Thing over.

    Not that it hasn't twice before that.

    Heres Thing's best showing toe to toe with Hulk.

    Another fight with Hulk, not as impressive...but it's impressive

    So anyway Thing just brags about how he wins his fight with Hulk, however he does take a massive beating from through out the story.

    and again

    This is the fight when Hulk injury by the ray that knock him out in FF#20 I believe. It was stated that he was weaken so...

    The fight after the story
    Than Thing gets up close and personal
    And that's it for the stupid fight and book.

    Thing and 90'S Banner Hulk plan out a fight with each other, they do turn out as equals. Through they did had to fight seriously.Of course they were causing so much damage to the forcefield and Mole Man's staff that they pretty much overload it.

    Thing has sucker shot and k.oed the Great Silver one shot. And it's canon my bitches...look Surfers stays knocked the fuck out for a while...

    The first fight with Surfer so far, Thing holds his own more or less, but it's clear that Surfer toying and holding back with Ben.

    Thing Statemates Surfer in a slugfest.

    Thing does pretty decent with Doom Surfer

    First Fight with Thor, Thor does magically dissapear later through.

    Statemated Thor, through it was stated that Thor wasn't going all out.

    Thing's overpowers Sandman and Blaastar at the same time. Debut showing of Blaastar

    Some goods showings aganist Blaastar

    Thing does the best out of the F4.

    Thing has best showings aganist Champion during his best debut, he manages to break Champion' rips and win His respect.

    Thing beats Adaptoid uses his powers and Vision

    Does pretty soild with Wonder Man

    Things holds a massively uber hand with Namor, by pulling his ass away from the sea. Greatest feat, ever?Not really, but it's impressive.

    [url=][img]http://Perhaps Thing's best showing aganist Namor, since he was wet, he also destroy the whole stadium

    Namor couldn't quite beat Thing so easily even underwater

    Thing's fight with Sassy, proving that Thing's will is pretty unstoppable.I know it was scanned before but the thing is that...well...the scans might not work from the first it was scanned.

    Heres some editor opinion of that fight in the first column.

    Thing and fight with Skruge, and has defeating Enchantress. Skruge and Thing were pretty peerish here too I might add.

    From what's it worth, Thing statemates Thundra with one arm. It's probably likely that Thundra held back a little..through.

    Takes a Dude that was giving Thundra trouble

    Techially Thing's first fight with Herc, Hercules doesn't know who Thing that means Herc is taken it seriously. Thing is doing alright...

    Second fight is in some crappy 90's art book, it's equal from the way they portraying the fight.

    Doom hasn't got his ass kicked like this unless He lucking for Reed in a bar fight.

    Thing ass whooping was never actually been forgotten by Doom... he still begins that shit up at least three times. One as Pineapple Thing, When Doom Surfer fought Thing the second time, and also this.

    When Reed said Doom was scarred, he wasn't kidding.

    Thing's fight with Spinx

    Faces the Blue Dancer?Anyway, Thing Destroys some house too

    Than there is Black Bolt, Thing yet again goes toe to toe with The Electron Bolt. They seem equal until the master blow hits...and Thing is dazzles but BB is techially Thing wins.

    Out of anybody who fights Black Bolt, Thing does the best

    Thing manages to beat Puppet Master control She Hulk, Wonder Man, and Spider-man. Should be noted that Puppet Master was inexperinced with them.

    Deathlok's fight with Thing.

    Deathlok versus Thing, this time Thing arm got injured by a high calibur gun by Deathlok

    Thing vs Avenger, the Avengers were holding back but... Thing still makes a showing out of it.
    [img]http://Thing clobbers a dude that was wrecking the F4. ... _27p17.jpg[/img]

    Thing statemates She Hulk, through She Hulk didn't really take it serious.

    In this fight he takes out Power Sharing Wrecker in one shot.

    In another fight, he beats a full power Wrecker by grabbing his uru Crowbar...

    Remember huge monster that Thing beat with A H-Bomb, He beats it and his sea pal back to the sea by pushing the road into the the monster. With help with Human Torch.

    Heres Thing battle with himself in the past, before he fought doom.

    Thing with a little help from Puppetmaster, defeats his clone. Since clones were as tough as the original in the's pretty impressive... that might or might not be Pineapple thing

    Thing's fight with Rom

    Thing shows Devos that nothing hold the Thing down.

    With a little help of yancy street gang...Thing beats Powerkeg..who is later commented to power enough to demolish a building.

    Thing shows off his skill aganist the Monster She Thing, who by the way is was nearly as strong as Thing.

    Thing holds Ronan long enough to give F4 the win.

    Thing statemates a Sea Monter that could lift a bridge

    Owns the Wizard

    Beats Giganto AND Trileps

    Thing manages to do with A guy that cosmic rays from both Reed and Sue

    Thing beats the uber Miracle Man in hand to hand combat

    Darkroth, one of Thing's less know foes that had perhaps less strength than him...but also Energy Projection. There is about at least two-three fights

    Second fight with Darkroth

    Things fight the eariler Quasar who actually did had super strength.

    Kicks some random Inhuman's ass

    Kicks Reed's ass by putting him in a bottle.

    Sue had quite alot trouble pulling that out. Sue wasn't never to sneeze at that time either, cause she still pretty damn powerhouse.

    Thing fights a remote control Iron Man pretty well, even pulls off some Jujitsu

    Iron Man, and Thing vs Blood brothers or something. Any who their fight destroys a mountain. of the few foes of the Thing nobody gives a shit about. It's still a nice fight aganist a skilled opponent was nearly as strong as him.

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