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Thread: Iron Fist Respect Thread

  1. Chilli Guest

    Iron Fist Respect Thread

    Let's start with a good one. Radion the Atomic Man vs Iron Fist. This shows Iron Fist's endurance/durability, strength/punching power, speed/agility, chi channeling, death/nerve blows and intelligence really well.

    Iron Fist vs Iron Man

    Iron Fist vs Wrecking Crew

    Takes out goons before they realize what hit 'em - speedblitzing

    He blocks some rathersharp boomerangs without the edges touching, fights Boomerang and handles a giant missile boomerang.

    Beats Chaka (extremely skilled crime lord) who also has a three-iron that releases charge akin to a howitzer shell

    Poisoned and near-death, IF gets the better of Chaka's brother

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  2. Chilli Guest

    Gets the better of Colleen Wing, even though he's reluctant to hurt her

    Bullet evading

    VS Master Khan, a sorcerer

    Catches a knife thrown at him by a K'un Lun martial artist and throws it back

    Gets the better of Looter/Meteor Man (superhuman Spidey villain)

    Helps take out Scorpion (and does stuff like catching his tail, breaking it etc)

    The Steel Serpent is up there with Shang Chi and Cat when it comes to martial arts. Iron Fist himself said that SS is the greatest martial artist he has ever met save for Shang Chi. Steel Serpent has fought Spider-Man a few times and arguably gotten the better of him in their one on one confrontations. He has also taken on Spidey and the Daughters of the Dragon at once.

    Iron Fist stalemates Steel Serpent hand to hand (and even comments how they are evenly matched). SS finally wins by draining his chi/Iron Fist power. Still, the a HtH stalemate is worth posting considering the insane level of Serpent's skill.

    Steel Serpent know has the power of the Iron Fist while IF is not powerless. Rematch.

    Iron Fist is weakened. It's the end of his endurance and he takes on Steel Serpent and defeats him in a very interesting fashion. Note: This is the original Steel Serpent (also an extremely skilled martial arts master who wanted power in K'un Lun and won a martial arts tournament at the age of 19), not Davos, the second Steel Serpent (who has an outfit similar to Iron Fist's).

    Takes on Silver Dragon. Gets the better of her. Then talks a bit with others and she has a chance to attack anew. Iron Fist gets the better of her once more. But then Silver Dragon is revealed to be his mother and Iron Fist is unable to fight back. Basically, gets the better of her twice during the battle.

    Fights the Backwards Man and casually busts metallic bands that were holding Spider-Man

    Stalemates Spider-Man (albeit Spidey had an edge in that battle as he was more trying to talk, rather than battle)

    Fights Scimitar and takes him out with a nerve strike

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  3. Chilli Guest

    Just some minor speed/agility thingie

    Makes the Thing stop fighting

    Some more speed/agility-blitzing

    Iron Fist was ambushed and drained by Steel Serpent. Without his chi stuff, he takes on Sabretooth and beats him while practically blind.

    Gets smashed into a wall by a train and is able to stand up and go on

    Helps Captain America defeat the Wrecking Crew

    Iron Fist was ambushed and drained by Steel Serpent once more. While still feeling drained and without any of his chi tricks, takes on Wolverine and the X-Men.

    Iron Fist vs Captain America

    Clearly has the edge against his own twisted doppelganger

    Shows his agility against one of the High Evolutionary's evolved cats (superhuman, a swordsman and a martial artist)

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  4. Chilli Guest

    In the rematch, Iron Fist owns the Cat.

    Sparring with White Tiger II

    Wrecks Khumbala Bey.

    Wrecks Khumbala Bey again.

    Smashes a car, beats Khumbala Bey and Angar the Screamer.

    After besting a group of martial arts goons and Batroc the Leaper, Iron Fist takes on a HORDE of martial artists.

    VS Monstroid

    VS Warhawk (a guy made of steel, basically)

    VS The Ninja (through the arc, they fought side-by-side and seemed about equal, the Ninja also invaded K'un Lun and single-handedly took out all of it's defenders, save for Lei Kung, so he's pretty up there in terms of martial arts skills)

    VS Steel Serpent (Davos, the one that was his equal in hand to hand combat)

    Davos came back with new power tricks, new skills (that Iron Fist supposedly won't know even after a 1000 years).

    See for yourself

    VS Scimitar again

    VS Sharyd (who claimed to be Iron Fist's equal or superior in MA skill)

    VS Snake-Eyes (invulnerable martial artist)

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  5. Chilli Guest

    VS creature and destroys a shrine

    VS plant creatures

    VS security systems, traps, superhuman martial artists etc.

    Goes through SHIELD security systems, takes out nearly 100 agents and steals the Zodiac Key

    Uses special yoga technique to stop his heart and breathing, fooling Boris and defeating him. Even fooled Daredevil with this.

    After being shot by a tranq dart, takes on Warhawk (the invulnerable guy with steel skin).

    VS the Hand

    Hulk dodging:

    His origin. Defeats a bunch of K'un Lun martial artists and defeats a master, then defeats a dragon to gain the Iron Fist power.

    Also, he uses like dozens of moves and strikes here that have a special name.

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  6. Chilli Guest

    VS Black Panther

    Chemistro apparently killed Luke Cage and Danny's friends.

    Iron Fist is pissed.

    VS the Constrictor

    Dodge, dodge, dodge.

    Dodging a bullet shot at close range and relieving the bad guy of his gun... really swiftly.

    Iron Fist and Luke Cage vs the Eel and Man Mountain Marko

    VS Fera (superhuman martial artist)

    VS Hammer robot

    And the human...

    Jumping over a car while injured.

    VS Master Khan

    VS Mole Man and his Moloids

    VS Ninotchka (who has given DD and Luke Cage trouble)

    VS Commodore Planet (Kingpin ripoff, skilled, exceptionally strong, real fast for a bulky man)

    Effortlessly dodging shurikens.

    VS Scimitar once again

    Iron Fist (with Cage) vs Unus the Untouchable (who has an impenetrable force field)

    VS Whirlwind, the speedster

    VS Bres (who owned Captain Hero)

    Stalemates Doombringer.

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  7. Chilli Guest

    Iron Fist and Luke Cage vs team of villains.

    First meeting with Luke Cage. Iron Fist gives a good accounting of himself, but ends up on the receiving end. He is ready to use some death strikes (which means he isn't helpless against Cage even in such a position), but decides to wait because he senses Cage is not a killer.


    VS a fly...

    KOes Luke Cage.

    VS Sabretooth again

    VS Shang Chi

    VS a speedster

    Trying to teach Luke Cage a new move.

    VS Chaka again.


    Nice move against Rom the Spaceknight.

    VS Man-Mountain Marko

    Knife deflecting.


    Disappearing trick.

    Can send objects flying with kicks with uber accuracy

    Iron Fist is beating Dhasha Khan before Khan uses his stone to change the battlefield.

    Iron Fist and Shang Chi vs an army of martial artists.

    Now, this is some MAJOR stuff.

    VS Quan-St'ar

    Iron Fist and Cage destroy some robots. Iron Fist also uses a special technique to determine a robot's weak spot (take that, Karnak!).

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  8. Chilli Guest

    Remember Fist's last battle agains Steel Serpent? Here it is with some additional stuff.

    In their first real fight, Steel Serpent proved equal to Danny in hand to hand skill, but beat him via chi draining.

    The second one was also a stalemate, but the power of the Iron Fist was burning Serpent and he appearantly died.

    In reality, he was transported to another world. He learned LOTS of new skills and stuff there. He came back with skills that Danny would never know in a 1000 years (And Steel also had his own special chi tricks like the Serpent Sting). A major powerup. In addition, Serpent also stole Danny's Iron Fist and left Danny weakened.

    Serpent practically took over K'un Lun. He said that Lei Kung (a guy who beeat the Ninja and had Namor on the defensive) wouldn't stand a chance. Lei Kung didn't disagree and seeked out Danny because only he could stop Serpent. Danny was tired, weak and near collapse before he reached K'un Lun. And despite all that, despite being without the Iron Fist, despite Steel Serpent being powered up with new skills, powers and Danny's powers, Danny smashed Serpent's face in hand to hand and used chi drain to take his power back.

    So, what did we learn in this story.

    Lei Kung; powered up, souped up, skilled up Steel Serpent with Danny's powers in addition; a weakened, powerless, near collapse Danny

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