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Thread: The U.S.A. is not a free country

  1. TomLupo Guest

    The U.S.A. is not a free country

    sorry to say this....but this is not a free country.

  2. Thorne Guest

    Right now I can get in my truck and drive from my state to another state, I don;t have to present any papers or be stopped at all, hell I could drive from one end to the other if I so desired. I can go to whatever church I want to on Sunday or Saturday or whenever, no matter if it's Catholic, Lutheran or some kind of Jedi cult. I can go stand outside the county courthouse and say Obama is a dumbass useless president and no one would do dick. I can if I so desired drive my truck over to Canada and back and do the same with Mexico without much fuss at all. I can go to a gun show and buy me a rifle, some ammo and a huge ass buck knife (which I have done) without so much as a single hassle. I can own any number of firearms and weapons (and I do). I can basically do whatever the hell I want as long as I mind my own business and obey the law. If that ain't the very definition of a free country then I dunno what is.

  3. TomLupo Guest

    can you lower my cable bill??

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogwelder View Post
    sorry to say this....but this is not a free country.
    Have you ever been arrested for speaking out against your government? Have you ever been arrested for choosing to worship in whatever way you see fit?

    Are you afforded the same opportunities to better your station in life as everyone else? Are you allowed to move freely throughout the country? Are you allowed to assemble peaceably to support whatever movements you feel are important?

    Don't get me wrong, I've changed a lot of my opinions on things about this country since we had our last political discussions years ago and I think there are a lot of things that the U.S. needs to improve on but to say that it's not a free country is just silly.

  5. Thorne Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by dogwelder View Post
    can you lower my cable bill??
    the hell, you're not stealing cable like half the population of the country?

    get with the program son

  6. TomLupo Guest

    my opinion on this country has gotten worse since our old debates warlord.
    moving back to new york didn't help.
    i don't care about religion, owning guns, orfreedom to say our government sucks....i'm talking about how redicules the taxes are, the money wasted on helping other countries, and letting every immergrint into this country. i could go on and i will if anyone wants to debate the matter on how rotten the state of this country is in!

  7. tiggerpete Guest

    find one country in this world that isn't a shit hole that doesn't have taxes, taxes are necessary for the maintenance and upkeep of any country, without taxes you don't have police, fire fighters, or a military. now you living in New York means the upkeep is significantly higher than where I live (Nebraska) so your taxes are necessarily higher, if you don't like taxes, move to Alaska, they have hardly any taxes (or people) and they also have very few roads (people fly everywhere)

  8. TomLupo Guest

    umm....wasn't this country founded on the basis that there was too many taxes in europe??
    here is some history for washington imposed the first tax.....he taxed the whiskey he made in his distillery....and he strong armed peeps to pay.
    i don't mind paying some taxes, but its out of control!!

    next up....explain to me about the corruption of big buisness execs getting millions of dollars and colaborating with governers and senators. and explain to me why the president bails them out and does nothing for us lower to middle class people that have a hard time making ends meet.

  9. tiggerpete Guest

    simple, politicians need money to get elected, and in return for that money they make things easier for the people who gave them money, its corruption plain and simple, and it doesn't help when the supreme court rules against keeping a check on the political contributions (re: Citizens United) I never said that the system was perfect, and it seems things are getting worse, but your personal freedom is still intact (unless you are gay or hispanic or muslim)

  10. TomLupo Guest

    well the muslims have taken over new york.....they buy into every business possible and don't know shit about it...........when i'm on the train i have to listen to my ipod because all i hear is foreign language.

    i couldn't get a cooking job because all the mexicans took over those jobs

    my neighborhood that i live in was once all can now walk up blocks and see stores or signs on houses thats only in chinese. MAYBE YOUSE DON'T GET IT UNTILL YOU LIVE IT!

    my point is things in life change....and sometimes it sucks.
    i propose that we let no immigrints into this country till we fix it


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