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Thread: The U.S.A. is not a free country

  1. tiggerpete Guest

    my ancestors came to America speaking only German, they eventually adapted, I know plenty of hispanic people who are just as American as you or me, in my area we have tons of Sudanese and Vietnamese immigrants, many of whom are assimilating into American culture and in a generation or two will be indistinguishable from any other group of Americans, I think we need to fix the system, but cutting off all immigration would be asinine. immigration is how we get migrant workers to do the agriculture jobs that Americans aren't willing to do (picking fruit for $2 an hour in 100 degree weather) only through significant immigration reform can some of these problems be addressed

  2. Thorne Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by dogwelder View Post
    umm....wasn't this country founded on the basis that there was too many taxes in europe??.
    point of order there Chief, American Colonists revolted from England because of taxation without representation, ie. the King said pay yer taxes and it's going to be this much, whereas Washington was elected by the people to put a tax into effect to run the government.

    as far as immigrants go, the only folks in this country that aren't some kind of immigrant are Native Americans, and they came over from the Asian continent some odd thousands of years ago on the ice bridge... what you're implying is that we cut off letting foreigners in one of the only countries that has a diverse cultural mix already... Japan and Germany and some others try really hard to keep their base population pure to the point of xenophobia...

    so the solution is to just box up all people that aren't white anglo saxon protestant and ship them off to wherever?

  3. TomLupo Guest

    russians in my hood are white and don't conform to being an it has nothing to do with being white.
    why is it so wrong to close the country down to foreigners and give more jobs to americans??

    give americans the right to get small business loans like the foreiners get after 6 months living in this country. i can't buy the fact that foreigners will work harder then amiricans....i'm friggin' old and i remember when cabs were driven by americans. americans cooked in restaruants. worked in gas stations. owned buisness' like subway, burger king or dunkin donuts. i haven't seen an american running any of these business' since i came back to new york.

  4. tiggerpete Guest

    well I don't live in New York, but I do live in an agro-centric area, trust me, if Americans wanted to do the farm work that immigrants do, they would be doing it, but the fact is, farm owners pay immigrants next to nothing for 15-hr work days of back breaking labor, if they hired Americans, they would have to pay minimum wage, and provide breaks and would have to abide by OSHA standards. that would cause the price of food in America to skyrocket, meaning many lower income families would starve. as for business loans, I don't think they're racially motivated, if you have a good enough credit history, you should be just as eligible. there are plenty of US born American business owners in my area, maybe the issue is that New York is a melting pot that is just reflecting its diversity through its businesses

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    Don't know if it's so much that the U.S. isn't a free place as it is that certain press or political talk sources would have you think it's the sole nation where one doesn't have masses of people following you around trying to interfere in your daily life. Which isn't true.

    By strictest definition, the technically freest places of all might be certain third world countries with little public or private structure. Yes they would be cheapest to live in, but who wants to?
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  6. tiggerpete Guest

    exactly my point, if you want true freedom, go to Somalia, they have so much freedom they're basically a den of pirates.

  7. Flyattractor Guest

    We are free. But there are many in positions of power that are doing the most they can to slowy chip away with it.

    Its already gotten to the point that no one really owns any land or property any more.

    We all pay rent that we call taxes.

  8. TomLupo Guest

    now i'm into what pisses me off about n.y.
    do you know there are now eateries that won't give you water when you order food.
    i have several places on boycott for this reasons a few examples:
    burger king- refused to give my water with my meal insisting that i have to buy bottled waer, when their ice tea dispencer has a water button. if they wanted to charge me a dime for a cup i could understand that. also if you order a whopper with no tomatoes and ask for extra pickles, or onions they charge 30 cents. thats insane!!! i bassically wanted to exchange toppins and they charged me..greedy mother fuckers!
    pino's pizzeria-same story...but i was told the water did not work, yet they have a full bar with a dispencer for water.

    i have many water stories but those are just 2 examples.

  9. comicbookfan21 Guest

    this country is still the best country in the world but they are slowly taking our freedoms first you have to wear a seatbelt then you had to have insurance now they are trying to tell us what to eat and make laws around that.
    if i wan to eat my self to death then i should be able to.

  10. TomLupo Guest

    the funny thing is if you want to eat healthy it costs twice as much then when you eat crappy. i should know because i try to eat healthy 5 days a week.

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