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Thread: Nate Grey Respect Thread

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    Nate Grey Respect Thread


    Note: This thread was originally compiled by Genis101 on the now defunct website, Herochat.

    Blasts Forge Away:

    Learns to Fly:

    Owning Domino:

    Owns Sinister on two Different occasions:

    Fighting Holocaust and Apocalypse:

    Gets hit by the then blows up a truck:

    Fighting Dark Beast:

    This is sick. Finding and pulling Xavier out of the astral plane, then having a fight, showing that he's far more powerful than Charles.

    Going toe-to-toe with Exodus:

    Fighting Holocaust some more:

    Fighting (and embarassing) the Abomination:

    Owning a Sentinel Prime. "There's always an option 3":

    Fighting Jacknife:

    Knocking out Spidey:

    Fighting 3 Great Beasts. Tundra, Kolomaq, and Somon:

    Fighting the Crusader:

    Telekinetically tears down a large building easily:

    Flying fast as hell:

    Fighting the Fantastic Four:

    If anyone ever doubted it when Nate was called the most powerful being on Earth back then, i think this should explain it. NATE IS AS POWERFUL AS DARK PHOENIX:

    Overpowering Cable in their first meeting, and destroying his house which was designed by Cable to withstand ANY attack:

    Now back to scans thanks to Rewmac. Here Nate flies out of the atmosphere really fast and then crashes back, all in a
    matter of seconds:

    Charges an Axe an cuts down an enormous tree in one slice:

    Fighting Cable again:

    Lets out an energy burst out of anger, ripping everything around him apart:

    Nate's Psi-Potential is unsurpassed in any reality:

    He brought Madelyne back to life, and now must destroy her:

    Holding a huge amount of water and flying very fast:


    As Shaman Nate Grey now, he battles the Spiral Creature:

    Searches for the Spiral Creature, Disappears, and lets out a HUGE blast:

    Lets a blind woman see through his eyes:

    Forms a psionic bubble to protect himself and friends from acid sea and atmosphere:

    Tricks Qabiri with a psionic projection. Twice.:

    Showing the power to destroy worlds:

    His final battle. Fights an Alien and saves the world, sacrificing himself.

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    What can I say about Nates TP….other then he is a telepathic monster.
    Possibly among most powerful (non cosmic) telepath out their.

    High level telepaths are really watered down in comics.
    Especially in Marvel.

    Anyone character that does not have at least some resistance to TP. (excluding cosmic characters)
    Would ultimately get mind raped, mind controlled, mind read etc…
    As I am about to show you.
    Nate has used his telepathy against, the Avengers, FF4, X-Men and much more.

    Pre - Shaman
    In X-Man #0
    Young Nate manages to mind read AoA Mr. Sinister’s thoughts. Despite Mr. Sinister being a telepath himself, and psi disruptors up?!?!?!?

    In X-Man #2
    Shutting down minds.

    Nate mind reads Forges memories…in mere seconds?

    Shutting down Dominos mind (mind swipe);.

    In X-Man #10
    Nate blinks out the memories of a group of regulars schmoes with out much effort.
    Xavier suggests he is a telepath of the first order.

    Nate locates Xavier telepathically in his astral form.

    In X-Man #14
    Nate is mind fucking Sinsters underlings.

    Mind control

    In X-Man #15
    Nate mind reads Threnody. Despite having mind shields up (thanks to Mr. Sinister)

    In X-Man #17
    Nate takes control of Threnody and unleashes her Death Charge on Holocaust.

    In X-Man #18
    Nate mind reads Domino, and downloads all her information to learn how to use weapons….INSTANTLY

    In X-Man #19
    Nate doing the impossible (as Mr. Sinister puts it).

    In Uncanny X-Men #355
    Nate mind reads a group of X-Men and Avengers. Among them is Jean (who also happens to be a fairly high telepath).

    In X-Man # 20
    Nate mind reads Abominations thoughts.

    In X-Man #31
    An being named Hybrid needed a powerful telepath to draw together the fragments of his psyche.

    In X-Man #33
    Nate manages to mind read yet another respectable Psi user (as a telepath).

    In X-Man #37
    Nate attempted to erase the memories of anyone he had come into contact through out New York.

    In X-Man #40
    Nate effectively mind reads one of the Great Beasts "Tundra". (many consider The Great Beasts Cosmic level entities). So this is a really good TP feat.

    X-Man #59
    Nate fights against the Fantastic Four (Well three T__T).
    But in the process mind plays/controls the Thing and the Human Torch.
    Despite having Psi Baflers!!!

    In X-Man #62
    Alright Feat that matches or even surpasses Xaviers comunication with Lilandra

    How about a telepathic communication to Majestrix in the Shi Ar Imperial Home world.
    What was so significant? He not only telepathically communicated, but transmitted thoughts by touching a holographic transmitter.

    Shaman X-Man
    In X-Man #64
    *The "Gauntlet", a group of powerful mutants, said that "the power you radiate is unbelievable."
    *His power is so great that telepathic blocks are almost nothing to him -- "If I pushed your blocks any harder, I'd turn you into vegetables. I don't want to do that."

    He is able to improve mind shields as well.

    In X-Man #65
    Can fairly easily pick out 12 minds amongst 10 million people.
    He strained himself because he'd just come out of a big battle, with some who is said to be as powerful as he is.

    In X-Man #66
    He mind reads yet another alien creature. But this time it’s a bit more respectable feat.
    The creature happens to be as powerful as Nate. Not bad.

    In X-Man #66
    While telepathically talking to a woman in the middle of New York, he telekinetically grabbed ten individuals throughout New York (mutant telepaths), raised them up into the sky, and blew them all up.

    In X-Man #71
    He is able to restore the vision to a blind nun (she plucked out her eyes for God Sakes!!T__T)

    In X-Man #72
    He is able to read the mind of the powerful Qabirl.

    In X-Man #74
    The mother of all tp feats Nate has to offer.
    Nate links Idris mind across the multiverse.

    And merges all her fragmented memories together.

    Mind Fucking Qabirl.

    Global Astral Projection

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    Pre Shaman

    X-Man #1
    Nate blows up a bot, and levels down a village in the process.

    X-Man #2
    Nate learns to fly

    X-Man #3
    Takes cover with a TK shield

    X-Man #5
    Takes a hit from a semi truck.

    X-Man #6
    Fires TK blast at the same time the trigger is pulled.

    X-Man #12
    Able to pull the ocean apart

    He TK opens a vault door and bends the laser beams around him.

    X-Man #14
    During his fight with Exodus, Nate opens up the land.

    Throws Exodus and Shuts it.

    In X-Man #15
    To avoid maximum damage. Nate channels Threnody’s death charge.

    X-Man #16
    Smacks Holocaust with some pillars.

    X-Man #17
    Lifts the innocent bystanders to safety.

    Makes a TK shield to hold Holocaust and his own attacks.

    In X-Man #18
    Takes apart a gun.

    X-Man #20
    My telekinesis just sheared down through a 130 ft of dirt, and rock.
    Smashed through four more feet of solid brick and mortar.
    And pulverized it all in mid air right before your eyes.

    Lets take a minute to imagine what it could do to you. - Nate Grey

    Stops Abomination in its tracks and holds him.

    X-Man #21
    Here is a good one.
    Nate stops the current in their brain, to stops the crowds motor functions.
    AND, Phases through matter ………yet again.

    X-Man #22
    Saves a crowd of people from a burning (and falling) building.

    X-Man #23
    Nate phases through solid object.

    X-Man #25
    Lands the black bird

    Overwhelms Jeans TK assault with his own.

    Protects Jean, himself and Maddie…from Maddies outburst.

    X-Man #29
    In the brink of death, he manages to break free underground.

    X-Man #33
    Pulverizes glass into harmless sand.

    Brings down the building.

    Just in the nick of time. Nate stabilizes a bus, and makes everyone drop down (from Jackknife’s projectile attack).

    X-Man #35
    Doing the Magneto thing. TK isolates magnetic field and discharges an Electro Magnetic pulse.

    Nate is able cloak himself (and another) by re-arranging molecules.

    Some phasing yet again.

    X-Man #36
    Nates makes a body shield thin enough to screen out purple mans pheromones.

    Takes down the building

    X-Man #38
    Psi agitate h2o molecules and superheat it kinetically.

    Catches a car in mid air.

    Reseals the cracks on the bridge.

    X-Man #40
    Isolates the planets gravity, and the great beast (immobilized) is sent flying.

    This is Nates doing. Nice little mark huh?

    X-Man #42
    Stops an earthquake

    And an Avalanche

    X-Man #44
    Funnels out Holocaust plasma blast

    X-Man #45
    In attempt to safely measure Nates capacity. Using futuristic tech, Blacksmith recreates life like dream to see how Nate would deal with a given situation.

    Situation. The Moon is Falling.

    And Nate decides to smash it (via TK enhanced blow)

    X-Man #47
    Nate phases through Cable and a wall.

    X-Man #48
    Nate strips Crusader of his weapons, armor , and powers.

    X-man #52
    Flies strait into the exhaust grill of a ship.

    X-Man #55
    He is able to take hits from M’Kran crystal garudian. (Said to be invincible and invulnerable).

    X-Force #57
    Attacks with TK&Psi

    X-Man Annual 1996
    While Magneto has control of Nate iron (in his blood). Nate shuts it off.

    Nate focus his Telepathy down to each individual microbe, and begins to kill it Telekinetically.


    X-Man #65
    Pulverizes a building.

    Tears right through the planet.

    X-Man #66
    While speaking to a women in New York. He picks up 12 mutants and blows them up!!!

    X-Man #67
    Takes down a city of Quito, with a mere thought.

    X-Man #69
    Can make the dead speak.

    X-Man #70
    Do you want to see matter manipulation, down to its genetic level.
    Nates merge, exchange genetic information and fuse it.

    The blast that had killed alternate Nate. X-Man survives it.

    X-Man #72
    Nate survies a blast that, takes down mountains, cities, entire planets. Hell even Alternate Thor did not survive.

    X-Man #73
    Puts up a shield, and filters gas to make breathable air.

    Remember, the merging feat Nate did earlier?
    Just to show you that its not a fluke. He does it again.

    Blocks a mountain buster with a TK shield.

    X-Man #75
    Nate was created to destroy worlds.

    And the Alien agrees

    Like I mentioned earlier, if Nate uses more power then he can handle. He will burn himself out.

    So Nates decided to turn his power on himself, to scatter his essence and the aliens across the world.

    *Sniff* Nate Grey will live….Forever!!

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    Sometimes its hard to tell weather Nate is doing a psi, tk or tp feat.
    Most of the time its due, to the fact that Nate likes to make cocktails (combine them).

    So what is psi energy?
    Apparently a fifth state of matter.
    The Fifth State Of Matter, similar to bio plasma.

    In comics pseudo science…does this hold?
    I cant really answer that question, but at one point Mr. Sinister did refer to Nates “Telemorphic Manifestations” as Psi-Plasma.

    But to not over complicate matter.
    Any feat other then pure TK and TP will be posted here, and regarded as a Psi feat.
    (after all I did go through the hard work of posting, details feats in both TK, and TP).

    So lets begin shall we?


    X-Man #0
    Psychometry: a form of extra-sensory perception in which a psychic is said to be able to obtain information about an individual through paranormal means by making physical contact with an object that belongs to them.

    In astral form, he is able to directly interfere with the actual world.

    X-Man #1
    Yet again. Nate is able to interfere with the real world, in his astral form…

    X-Man #3
    What seems to be a psi blast.

    X-Man #4
    Nate psi augments his strength, and beats Mr. Sinister to death.

    X-Man #5
    Nate recreates an omega level mutant.
    He recreates Madelyne Pryor. (Jeans Clone, Cables biological mother).

    X-Man #10
    Nate pulls Professor X out of the astral plane. (Sweet).

    And injure’s Professor X, in his astral form.

    X-Man #14
    Nate fights another Psi mutant, Exodus.
    But Exodus is not a slouch when it comes to Psi, TK and TP.
    And more often then not, he is in control of his powers (unlike Nate).
    Despite this, Nate overloads Exodus.

    Note: Previously Exodus survived a joint attack from Xavier and Jean no problem.
    This attack had placed Magneto out of commission.
    So its interesting what Exodus quotes in his match with Nate.

    “Can it be possible?….
    So much power, such potential….
    Hardly tapped yet….” - Exodus.

    X-Man #20
    Nate makes a psi clone. The clones are durable enough to withstand some beating from Abomination.

    X-Man #31
    Nate blasts hybrid.

    X-Man #32
    The author answers a latter, and states how Nate recreated 616 Maddie.

    X-Man #35
    Nate deactivates some bombs with an Electro Magnetic Psi Pulse.

    X-Man #37
    Nate recreates AoA Gwen Stacy

    X-Man #39
    *Precognition Feat.* Uber Cable vs. X-Man (pre Shaman).
    Personally I find this interesting. But I will let you be the judge of this.
    Ok just for the record. Officially Cable and X-Man have a 1 on 1 record.
    Nate won (yes won) his first encounter with Cable.
    And Cable took the second encounter.

    But how would Nate fare (non Shaman) vs. Ubber Cable?
    Well Nate has precognitive vision in a form of a dream.

    It foreshadows his end, and the final battle….with non other then Cable.
    And Cable is looking mighty strong.
    Did Nate for see, Cable purging the T.O. in the near future?
    Was their confrontation inevitable?

    X-Man #40
    It is explained that, When was having his vision. He uncontrollably lashed out his psi energies. Breaching a dimensional wall, the let in the 3 Great Beasts.

    X-Man #44
    Nate can now make psi constructs. And builds himself an armor.

    And Psi Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!! (ok Psi projections).

    X-Man #50
    Yet again, Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!! (Psi Projections).

    In X-Man Annual 1998
    Nate punches through Thanos power field.

    Nate makes a psi armor, augmenting his durability and strength comparable to the Hulks.

    Thanos has a hard time breaking Nates Psi Armor.
    Note: notice how Thanos blast, incinerated the Hulk.

    In the end, Nate decides to grant the Hulk the psi armor.
    Consequently, this sky rockets the Hulks over stats (power, speed?, durability etc..)
    Enough to take on, Thanos head on.

    Ending Note: However powerful, Nate is. No I don’t think the current Nate could take on 100% Thanos. None the less, some of these feats are still impressive (despite Nate struggling through most of the fight). And to be all honest, you cant say Thanos was at a 100% if he was stuck in some other dimension.


    In X-Man #63

    Nate states he can see the flow of energy of what ever killed her friend.
    Talk about a keen and diverse sense of eye sight (take that Sharing an >_<).

    In X-Man #63
    Nate projects thoughts from other mutants.

    In X-Man 65
    Ok this is just awesome. I was not sure if to place this in the TK or Psi feat.
    But I guess it will go here for know.
    Inter dimensional travel…..not limited to a single universe.
    He can hop into alternate realities, thus walk through other universes.

    Nate states he is leaving this reality.
    Disappearing act (the prestige)
    And know he is on broken Earth. (hold your claps and applauses).

    In X-Man 66
    If you think, Nate is limited to self reality traveling.
    You are dead wrong.

    He effortlessly teleports a mutant to broken Earth.

    In X-Man 71
    Nate shows the ability to teleport across a city (umm I think it’s a city).

    In X-Man 75
    Nate can “see’ energy, and how it intertwines with the world.

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