Have you Considered - 1

Have you considered what it would truly be like to have a super power?
The wealth of strength if you were like The Hulk or Hercules.
The ability to destroy whole mountains with a laser blast from your eyes like Cyclops.
Maybe you might have an itch to become super tiny like Ant Man and cause havoc.
What of the untold comedic prices we would pay for super powers?

Every other week I will be exploring this topic in what I am calling: Have you considered. While I know as comic fans we enjoy entertaining notions of super powered lives, perhaps we are a bit myopic to what toll it would have in the real world. Now, do not be afraid that this article will be full of statistics and science. While I am a man in love with research, this will be more of a philosophical, imaginative unpacking of super powers. And what better power to start with than one of the most famous that humans have sought after for eons: flight.

Clouds are bubbling up around you. You can barely hear anything as you rush through the weather currents. The world is speeding underneath you as you free your body from gravity and the world.

Where is your mind at this point?
Are you worried about the bugs you might swallow?
Did you ever learn to land?
Can your body brace and absorb the impact of landing enough to not obliterate your legs into gore and bone when you do land?

Flight, upon further inspection, might not be the best power in the world. While we are incredibly adaptive creatures, we are hardly built of sturdy material. Not to mention the fact that the wind alone would cause you deafness.

The wind is constantly screeching in your ears. There are gaggles of geese flying around you and it only takes one mid air collision with those ugly bastards to send you dropping back to the Earth.

Have you ever had a goose hiss at you?

It sounds like a demon ate a snake and was trying to regurgitate it. Not to mention those beaks that look to be made of metal and oyster shells. Do you really want to share space with these fat jerks? I saw a goose chase a nine year old down the street for trying to pet one. But, this is the type of impediments that will detour your trip through the clouds. Not to mention that if you are a guy, the cold will send your genitals retreating deep inside your stomach like a grizzly bear during winter. But that is the least of your worries as the air will certainly be thin enough to cause you to be light headed, forcing you to doze off as your body is ground to hamburger meat through a jet engine.

But, your headspace would already be discombobulated so the thinness of air might cause a light hysteria, but the unmooring of human from ground without the aid of technology might already cause angst in the flyer.

We understand the world from a low perspective and that is fettered to the Earth. We are not all like Archimedes who said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” The lever and fulcrum are flight and you would indeed be moving the world. You would be unearthing your humanly perspective to something almost totally unfathomable. Sure, in passing we can say we can handle it, that mentally we are made of diamond and can take anything. Generally this would be true, but flight is a special existential condition that while we have adapted to the point of obligation (how many complain about the perils of commercial flights: delays, no internet, bad food, cramped seats.) that we think we could handle it. But being up as high as a commercial jet and taking in the world would require an openness that most of us are just not capable of. We live closed in lives that mainly step through circuit boards and wires. Maybe we should leave the skies to the geese and fictional characters like Superman or God. That or we just let God, Superman and the geese duke it out. Honestly, my money is on the geese.