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Thread: Flash (Wally West) Respect Thread

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    Flash (Wally West) Respect Thread




    NOTE: Credit for the scans goes to Rorschach from the KMC forums. I’m just moving it here and (in time) organizing it.

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    Real Name: Wallace Rudolph “Wally” West
    Current Alias: Fastest Man Alive, Scarlet Speedster, The Flash
    Aliases: Kid Flash
    Current Affiliation: Justice League of America,
    Former Affiliation: Teen Titans, Justice League Europe, Justice League Elite
    Relatives: Rudy and Mary West (parents), Iris Allen (aunt), Barry Allen (uncle, deceased), Linda Park West (wife), Jai and Iris West (twin children)

    Universe: New Earth
    Current Base Of Operations: Keystone City


    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’0”
    Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Red


    Citizenship: American (New-Earth)
    Marital Status: Married
    Occupation: Superhero, Mechanic for the KCPD
    Education: College


    Place of Birth: Blue Valley, Nebraska


    Wally West is the Fastest Man Alive, and so far as is known, the Fastest Man Ever. He is capable of moving at just under the speed of light, and in truth his top speed, if he has one, is hard to guage since once he goes beyond lightspeed, he enters the Speed Force. As far as is known Wally is the only speedster to enter the Speed Force entirely and re-emerge, which helps account for his incredible gifts. His connection he has with the Speed Force is stronger than any known person has ever attained. It's far more than enough to allow Wally West to run up sheer or even upside-down surfaces to defy gravity, or to allow him to run over liquids as if they were as firm as concrete. He can catch bullets out of the air as if they were stationary, and could quite probably dodge lasers.

    Molecular control
    The gifts of the Speed Force include the ability to control every molecule of Wally's body to where they can be vibrated and made to phase through solid matter. These days, doing so can charge whatever he phases through with kinetic energy and cause that matter to explode violently. This is both a good and bad thing, in that he can use the ability to charge matter to explode as a weapon, but in doing so he harms whatever he phases through. Since the Flash's recent increase in speed, his control has been enhanced to where he may choose either to kinetically charge what he vibrates through, or not do so and pass through solid matter harmlessly. Another facet of his molecular control is that Wally can vibrate himself to where his body becomes invisible and light just passes through it. Yet another ability related to his vibrational molecular control is that Wally can attune his ears and eyes to hear and see the vibrations of radio waves or other forms of light, thereby tuning into any frequencies he cares to listen to or see just as if they were normal sound and light. Through the control of his vibrations, he is even able to heat up substances that he touches or impart heat energy into an object on contact.

    Turbocharged brain
    When Wally moves into superspeed his perceptions change radically and the world appears to move by at a snail's pace. If he's going fast enough, the world even seems to have frozen. This altering of perception is vital in order for Wally to function at the extreme speeds that he can reach, and allows him to manage his movements and environment with awareness and accuracy. It's also a power that he can activate without physically moving any faster, throwing his thought processes into overdrive to where his perceptions and thoughts fire off faster than the processes of a supercomputer. He can, if he chooses, read a book (a big one like Lord of the Rings) in less than a second with full comprehension and the only speed motion required being the turning of the pages.

    Speed force aura
    When moving at superspeed, Wally West is able to surround himself with an aura of Speed Force Energy. It extends out from his body enough to cover objects or even persons carried by him, and allows him to treat them as extensions of his person for purposes of speed powers. The aura also protects Wally from the effects of hitting stationary objects (so instead of turning to hamburger he'd just hit as if he were running normally and ran into it) and keeps his passing from causing sonic booms and massive collateral damage everywhere he goes at superspeed. The aura can be controlled to where such sonic booms and effects on the environment are allowed, however.

    Kinetic energy control
    Wally West is able to both steal and give energy of motion from and to an object. He can take the velocity out of a moving object and cause it to stand still as well as charge an object with motion and propel it into possibly ridiculous amounts of speed. This is only possible in either case with objects that happen to be or are caught in Wally's wake as he passes or moves over them. In a sense it's really contact and proximity to his Speed Force Aura that enables him to add to or take away from the velocity of other objects, and he can either drag objects behind him at his speed or move past an already-moving object and take its speed away to leave it standing motionless behind.

    Speed tricks
    Among the various tricks that Wally can perform with his powers are:
    The Snap - Where through manipulation of the Speed Force Aura and a superspeed motion (often a snap of the fingers or clap of the hands) Wally causes a deafening and highly damaging sonic boom that can knock down walls and stun opponents.

    Cyclones - Where through moving his limbs in various fashions the Flash may cause extreme winds that can blow about objects with force similar to a tornado.

    Dismantling - Where through a simple series of appropriate motion Wally just dissects things like cars, weapons, furniture, down to the limit of his understanding of how to take apart a given device or object. That's assuming he wants it to be able to work when reassembled...

    Bombs - Where through taking advantage of the explosive kinetic charge that Wally endows an object by phasing through it, he intentionally charges things to explode in order to use them as weapons. They can be as simple as walls or trees, or as clever as throwing a rock without opening his fist and letting that rock phase through his fingers, charged to explode as it hurtles toward its intended target.

    Vibro Hands - Where Wally can saw through solid objects with his hands (as an example) by vibrating his body and basically blasting his way through said object on contact.

    Hot Touch - Where through vibrational control, Wally can heat up an object as much or as little as he likes just by touching it and concentrating on the energy he imparts to it.

    Speed force suit
    Through his control of Speed Force Energy, Wally is able to form a suit around his body in the approximate shape and color of his original Flash suit he inherited from Barry, only made of pure Speed Energy. This suit is more convenient than the old ring-pop-out suit, and it is capable of acting like armor to absorb great amounts of kinetic energy.

    Wally is able to use the Speed Force in order to speed up the healing of injuries to himself. In essence, he is able to heal minor cuts, abrasions, and bruises in a matter of minutes. More major or deep wounds might take hours. The greatest limit to this ability are broken bones, as they take much longer to heal...perhaps days or weeks in spite of his powers of speed and healing.

    Through his link with the Speed Force, Wally is able to draw sustenance from that energy field that allows his body to channel Speed Force Energy without having to stuff his body with carbs and food to keep going. It also provides him with the needed energy to keep running and running even if it's all the way around the globe.

    Time travel
    Wally West can travel through time in three ways:

    Speed Force - By reaching the Speed Force and bouncing off of the barrier at the edge of it, Wally will often skip forward or back in time unpredictably. Alternately he can cross that barrier and enter the Speed Force entirely, then exit to any possible point in history. Unfortunately by this method the Speed Force has a way of controlling when he comes out and ends up. About his best bet in doing this is to run right along the Speed Force wall. Doing so, Wally can read the different eras that he passes up and just stop at the one he wants. So far, Wally is the only speedster that can reliably perform this mode of time travel.

    Temporal Vibrations - By attuning his physical vibrations to those of another timeframe, Wally can basically fade into another time/dimension. The only trouble doing this is that he doesn't necessarily know the proper vibration for a given time in a given dimension, and just experimenting with different vibrations to see where you end up is about as smart as stabbing yourself in the brain with a needle to see what cool things you can make your leg do.

    Cosmic Treadmill - By using this invention of Barry Allen's, Wally has only to get on the treadmill, set it to the time and place he wants to go, and run to power it. It's been the cause of a few excellent adventures, as well as some bogus journeys.

    Speed force attunement
    Because of his link with the Speed Force, Wally West is able to commune with it and sense and track any speedster, no matter when or where they are. It's a subtle but very useful aspect of his power.

    Quick formula
    Wally knows the speed formula which gave Johnny and Jesse Quick their speed. He doesn't use it often, and the first time was to give him an extra boost on top of his natural superspeed and to help him reach the Speed Force. Since then, his natural speed has been adequate to get there alone, so he's never had to use it. He still knows the formula, however, and by reciting the equation "3x2(9yz)4a" and conceptualizing the fourth dimensional construct that goes with it, Wally can stack the added superspeed of the Quick's on top of his own. A side effect of when he does this is that for a brief moment, time is frozen for everyone except Wally during which the added link to the Speed Force seems to interfere with his natural one, or perhaps elbows it aside for a bit in order to provide its form of superspeed. The effect is unnoticeable to anyone in the normal timestream, however, and as soon as the "time-hiccup" or whatever one calls it passes, Wally has extra superspeed. This added link to the Speed Force neither supercedes nor interferes with his natural link besides that momentary timefreeze, and it allows him all of the normal powers that he normally has with his own superspeed.

    Bio Gallery

    Rogues Gallery

    Abra Kadabra
    Captain Cold
    Cobalt Blue
    Gorilla Grodd
    Gregory Wolfe
    Professor Zoom
    Rogues - 2
    Rogues - 3
    The Trickster
    Tar Pit
    The Folded Man

    Family and Friends Gallery

    Angela Margolin
    Barry Allen
    Bart Allen
    Chrye and Morillo
    Iris Allen
    Jay Garrick
    Jesse Chambers
    John Fox
    Linda Park
    Max Mercury
    Pied Piper
    Sela Allen
    Wally West - Outdated
    Walter West

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    Wally West as Kid Flash

    Wally gets his powers

    Keeps up with Barry Allen

    Runs past a speeding sports car

    Moves a lion faster than it could react

    The updated version of Wally getting his powers

    Helps take out some gunmen

    Battles Mr. Element

    Blitzes the Mirror Master

    Cancels out a twister

    Runs from his home to his school in a split-second

    Moving too fast to be seen

    Runs to another city

    Vibrates through a wall

    Races across town

    Runs around the world in minutes

    Dodges bullets

    Builds up an area of tremendously powerful compressed wind

    Creates a vacuum

    Vibrates his molecules at super-speed

    Runs around the world

    Finds himself in another planet by vibrating

    Vibrates himself invisible

    Creates an air-shield

    Vibrates through a door

    Moving so fast that a bullet appears to be hanging in midair

    Breaks through the time barrier

    Vibrates through a solid wall

    Says he can race around the world in a second

    Blitzes some enemies

    More blitzing

    Traveling through time

    Shows off some archery skills

    Enters another dimension

    Has Super-Fast Vision

    Traveling through time

    Blitzes three gunmen

    Creates a whirlwind

    Vibrates through a net

    Merges his atoms with Barry's and Jay's for just a split-second

    Empties a gun and reloads it faster than anybody could notice

    Sets several machines into operation in one-millionth of a second

    Circles the Earth

    Vibrating at a speed close to the speed of light

    Destroys two robots

    Can shave, take a shower, get dressed, and have breakfast in just a few seconds [/B]

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    Ultra-Fast vision allows Wally to see objects that are invisible to the human eye

    Running on water

    Runs around the world in ten seconds

    Vibrates through a wall

    Maneuvering while in mid-air

    Can move faster than lightning

    Vibrates through some rocks

    Moving so fast that appears to be invisible

    Faster than a speeding bullet

    Has Super-Fast Vision and reflexes

    Moves faster than light

    Builds a wall at Super-Speed

    Wally and Barry Vs. Cobalt Blue

    Once again vibrates through a wall

    Can see people who are moving at speeds invisible to the human eye

    Can exercise at Super-Speed

    Vibrating through flames

    Generates enough air-power to toss an elephant

    Can equal the speeds of radiation wavelengths

    Outraces a lightning bolt

    Outsmarts someone who had his powers

    Can talk at Super-Speed

    Vibrates himself into the ground

    Moves so fast that no one even sees a glimmer of motion

    Smashes through a wall like a sledgehammer

    Siphons off the air around Terra

    Forces the air out of a room

    Could circle the Earth three times in a second

    Wally becomes The Flash after Barry's death

    Another look at Wally becoming The Flash

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    Wally West as The Flash

    Catches a Police Officer before he falls into a puddle of sulfuric acid

    Grabs Dr. Alchemy’s Philosopher’s Stone

    Punching Dr. Alchemy 100 times per second

    Dodging beams that were moving at the speed of light

    Outruns an explosion

    Swats away bullets with a steel pipe and knocks out Deadshot

    Catches Captain Boomerang’s boomerang

    Grabs some weapons from a mob

    Helps out Black Canary

    Delivers three punches while running

    Doesn’t allow Vandal Savage to grab him

    Moves so fast that he only appears as a blur

    Punches a guy twenty-five times in two second

    Wally West wins the lottery

    Wally West Vs. Vandal Savage

    Races out of a building and catches a woman who was thrown out a window

    Wally West Vs. Vandal Savage (Round 2)

    Catches some papers

    Sees something that only be seen if you’re moving at a certain speed

    Grabs a gun at super-speed

    Grabs another gun at super-speed

    Clocks in at 710mph

    Wally West Vs. the Kilg%re

    Knocks a guy out while heading towards Titans Tower

    Pulls a guy out of a moving car

    Wally West Vs. the Kilg%re (Round 2)

    Disarms some robbers

    Catches up with the driver

    Takes out some Hong Kong thugs

    Accomplishes in ten days what it took someone else years to master

    Flash Vs. The Speed Demon

    Runs five miles in a few seconds

    Can hold his breath for five minutes

    Flash Vs. The Speed Demon (Round 2)

    Generates enough heat to warm a condo in Qubec by simply running

    Wally and the Red Trinity battle some Russian soldiers

    Wally West and the Red Trinity Vs. The Blue Trinity

    Wally discovers that his dad is a Manhunter

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    Wally takes a beating from the Blue Trinity

    Catches a guy before he falls to his death

    Wally West Vs. The Chunk

    Catches a bullet

    Takes out three criminals

    Running on water

    Stops a whirlpool

    Removes some guy’s clothes so fast that he only appears as a blur

    Battles some speedsters

    Wally loses all of his money

    A powerless Wally takes out a thug

    Mentions how he used to be able to snatch bullets out of the air

    Catches a bullet

    Ties a guy up before he can finish a sentence

    Searches several rooms in a matter of seconds

    Flash’s aura protects him from an explosion

    Digs up a grave at super-speed

    Dodging bullets

    Running on water and rescuing people

    Catches a bullet just before it hits a woman in the head

    Slaps a guy at super-speed

    Takes out some knife wielding thug

    Wally loses control over his powers and starts to cause earthquakes by vibrating

    Flash’s aura protects his costume from external friction

    Accidentally causes a lot of damage during an experiment

    More on the damage caused by Wally

    A look back at Wally’s battle with Speed Demon

    Almost creates a whirlwind

    Melts ice by causing heat friction

    Wally West Vs. Captain Cold and Golden Glider

    Healing at an accelerated rate

    Takes his costume back at super-speed

    Digs faster than the Earth can fall

    Rescues some kids

    Easily running on water

    Helps out Phantom Lady

    Catches an arrow

    Wally subconsciously activates his super-speed when he feels a bullet touch his neck

    Notice how even bullets appear to be frozen to him

    Leaves his apartment at super-speed

    Vibrates some paint off of him

    Gets out of a moving a car to grab a cap

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    Wally Vs. Mr. Sprynt

    Dodging bullets

    Catches a kid who was thrown off a bridge

    Throws off an illusion

    Runs from Keystone City to Mount Rushmore in a few seconds

    Wally beats Superman in a race

    Wally talks about beating Superman in a race

    Easily stays ahead of the Red Trinity who are moving almost at the speed of sound

    Catches a Frisbee just before it hits some guy

    Attempts to bring down a Helicopter

    Saves a guy from drowning

    Creates an updraft

    Wally blitzes some gunmen

    Moves someone out of the way of a speeding bullet

    Arranges a room

    Wally West battles Dr. Alchemy

    Saves some hostages who are three blocks away

    Wally battles Dr. Alchemy once again

    Can move at speeds invisible to the human eye

    Hits a guy a hundred times in a few seconds

    Can pick up sounds that are out of normal ranges

    Gets a doctor for some guy in a few minutes

    Catches a bullet and takes out some thugs

    Snatches several bullets out of the air

    Wally threatens to punch Vandal Savage 21,000 times in just a minute

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    Turning the sand beneath him into lava

    Catches several bullets and reloads Vandal Savage’s gun faster than anyone can see

    Wally and Lady Flash take care of a hostage situation

    Moving so fast that he can’t be seen

    Wally Vs. Pyrani, Dr. Pain, and Pgrunt

    Running on water to get to an Island

    Disconnects mines and empties some explosives bullets from a gun

    Catches a guy who was thrown out of a window

    Avoids several bullets

    Saves a woman who was thrown out of a plane

    Wally encounters the Gods Hermes and Mercury

    Melts some ice in less than a minute or so

    Breaks free from being encased in ice

    Creates a temporary wall of snow

    Confirms that he can run so fast that he appears to be invisible

    Running at Mach 1 while carrying a guy

    Searches three million square miles in three minutes

    Wally Vs. Enil (in Aquaman’s body)

    Outplays a basketball team

    Wally battles Abra Kadabra

    Creates a mini tornado

    Can dodge 64th Century gunfire

    Speeds up a 64th Century Clockwork

    Treads enough air to break his fall

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    Uncrates and assembles the JLE transport tubes

    Can listen to messages in fast forward

    Wally tricks Hector Hammond

    Grabs several yellow-ray blasters in a matter of seconds

    Builds a mattress out of twigs and leaves at super-speed

    Finds the invisible barrier that hides Gorilla City

    Wally and Hal take out several Gorillas

    When you’re as fast as Wally, a second can last hours, and minutes becomes months

    Breaks free from being encased in gold

    Maneuvering around copper stalagmites

    Running up a building while the walls are wet

    Catches up with a moving train

    Catches at least seven bullets

    Wally keeps up with Professor Zoom (Who thinks he’s Barry Allen)

    Shrugs off a blast of sonic energy

    Helps stop a thousand ton train by churning the air in front of him along with Jay Garrick and Professor Zoom

    Running on water and then running up a building

    Wally helps Professor Zoom escape from a shrinking force-field

    He then escapes from the force-field himself

    Builds a temporary bridge to support a moving car

    Gets behind Argus while he’s busy looking at Flash’s heat trail

    Generates enough heat in his hands to burn an opponent

    Throws objects at super-speed

    Wally West Vs. Professor Zoom – The Reverse Flash (Round 1)

    Wally West Vs. Professor Zoom – The Reverse Flash (Round 2)

    Moves so fast that even Professor Zoom couldn’t see him

    Wally hints that he can catch lightning in his hands, and spend a month between the ticks of a second

    Wally says he can outrun gravity, cross a river without sinking, and race a spotlight to its target

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    Bullets float through the air like fireflies and are just as easy to catch when you’re The Flash

    Wally West Vs. Magenta

    Moves quicker than the eye can see

    Cushions Nightwing’s fall with a funnel of air

    Takes out some thugs

    Enters over six hundred security codes in a second

    Takes out several soldiers

    Catches several Pogs

    Generates vibrational heat

    Wally hits someone square in the center of his gravity and transfers all of his inertia causing the guy to move at Mach 2

    Avoiding gunfire

    Rescues Valor from drowning

    Takes out some robbers

    Takes out some punk kids while pulling his punches to avoid seriously hurting them

    Creates water jets that hit like a fire hose

    Dodging bullets while running on water

    Destroys a boat

    Dodging shots from Chillblaine’s Frost Gun

    Wally grabs Chillblaine and puts him in front of a shot out of his own Frost Gun

    Clothlines a sucker

    Wrecks a car

    Throws some knives with such speed and accuracy that they slice through bullets

    Owns Chillblaine

    Catches a bullet

    Dodges shotgun fire at almost point-blank range

    Gets some kids out of the way before a speeding bus hits them

    Dodging gunfire

    Searches a city for two individuals

    Rescues two people before Abra Kadabra even realizes what’s going on

    Wally gets the Speed Formula from Johnny Quick

    Wally uses the Speed Formula

    This causes Wally to start moving at near-light speed

    At this rate each minute could be a day and a hour could be like a year

    Wally and Max Mercury talk while everything around them appears to be frozen, Max can’t maintain this sort of speed for long but Wally seems to be doing it without any trouble

    Wally stops a Helicopter from crashing

    Runs to Spain

    Wally West Vs. Bart Allen

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