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Thread: Flash (Wally West) Respect Thread

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    Uses the Speedforce to change Bart's metabolism and slow down his accelerated aging

    Moving too fast to be seen

    Wally and Bart take out several Kobra Soldiers

    Wally runs faster than light in an attempt to save the Universe

    This causes him to accelerate beyond the time barrier

    He watches his past self kick some ass

    Watches his younger self get his powers for the first time

    Wally talks to his younger self (before he got his powers)

    Here he runs beyond the speed of light

    Wally returns to his own time

    Wally and Bart take out several Kobra soldiers

    Wally starts to become less human because of the his newfound speed

    The faster he runs the more inhuman he becomes

    Running on a wire

    Begins to transform again when battling Kobra soldiers

    Wally introduces Bart to Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick, and Johnny Quick

    Wally says he’s faster than Bart, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick, and Johnny Quick

    Running at near-light speed

    Wally and Max Mercury make dual tornadoes

    Wally once again begins to transform

    Wally exceeds the speed of light and enters the Speed Force

    Wally comes back from the Speed Force and owns Kobra as well as destroying his Geothermal Tap

    He tells Linda that he now has a direct line to the Speed Force, he also tells her that he’s begun a whole new evolution

    Rebuilds a synagogue in fifteen minutes

    Max says Wally has become the fastest person who ever lived

    Wally has yet to learn what he’s capable of

    He can once again vibrate his molecules through solid objects but this causes whatever he vibrates through to explode

    Gives some wooden planks momentum in order to shatter a wall

    Demonstrates his ability to lend speed to others

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    Wally Vs. Mongul

    Accidentally turns goo into rubber

    Recreates a full-sized paper out of a million strips of paper

    Adding velocity to objects in motion

    Skims several chemistry text books

    Sharing speed on a molecular level

    Looking at several reflective surfaces

    Wally and Impulse destroy several mirrors

    Wally battles Magenta once again

    Moves Billy Batson out of the way of the magic lightning that turns him into Captain Marvel

    When Wally cuts lose the Speed Force manifests itself as a radiant lightning energy

    Finds Shadow Thief in the faction of a second

    Wally no longer needs to eat like a pig now that he’s powered by the Speed Force

    Wally battles two of Savitar’s Thunderbolt agents, they fight so fast that they appear to be invisible

    These Thunderbolt agents were using the speed of other speedsters

    Wally lending some speed to Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick

    Takes out several more Thunderbolt agents

    Max says Savitar can’t drain Wally’s speed because he’s to closely tied to the Speed Force

    Vibrating through a wall and causing it to explode

    Brings a roof down

    Wally Vs. Savitar

    Wally is displaced in time after the fight

    Wally finds himself in the 64th Century

    He destroys the Tower of Lightning that harnesses the Speed Force

    Wally finds himself in the 30th Century

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    He absorbs speed from Don and Dawn Allen

    Due to his connection with the Speed Force Wally senses John Fox and Linda Park kissing

    Wally returns from the Speed Force

    Wally and John Fox Vs. Abra Kadabra and Dr. Polaris

    Wally and John Fox battle Speed Metal

    Lends Linda speed on a molecular level in order to free her from a state of suspended animation

    Manages to hurt Takion

    Disarms a guy faster than he can react

    Keeps himself from freezing by maintaining a low vibration

    Takes out some thugs

    To Linda it appears that he didn’t move from where he was standing

    Catches several bullets

    Built half a million force-field generators in twelve hours

    Justice Leauge:A Midsummers Nightmare

    Dodges a blast from Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

    A nanosecond is enough time for Wally to see a door up ahead

    Brings down a flying saucer

    Easily defeats Team Turmoil

    Defeats some thugs with ray cannons

    Solving problems in two different cities at the same time

    Gets Linda’s dry cleaning before she even realizes he left

    Gets to the Gobi Desert three minutes before Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

    Wally hits Zum with the Infinite Mass Punch which sends him flying to another country, he says he could have punched Zum a thousand times before he had a chance to blink

    Helps out Kyle

    Places candles around a White Martian faster than he could react

    Testing Superman Blue’s speed

    Interfering with the Angels’ supersonic vibrations

    Super-Speed metabolism accelerates a drug through him system

    Moving quicker than the eye can see

    Canvasses a building in a microsecond

    Juggling five thousand balls at once

    Matches the frequency of an anti-Earthquake machine and creates a counter-vibration to shield him from a sonic blitz

    Neutralizes an Earthquake

    Tries to stop a Tsunami

    Wally’s mind can work at Hyper-Speed

    Runs from Santa Marta to Keystone City to save Linda

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    Battles upgraded versions of Captain Boomerang, Heave Wave, Captain Cold, and Weather Wizard

    Running all over the World while carrying Linda

    Slows himself down to the point where he appears to be dead

    Tells us a little more about the Speed Formula

    Wally creates a costume for himself out of the Speed Force

    Gives Jay Garrick some speed

    Vibrates through some wooden spikes

    Can feel Jay giving Impulse some of the speed that Wally gave him

    Wally West Vs. The Suit (using Max Mercury’s body)

    Wally West allows himself to be possessed by The Suit and then atomizes it

    His Speed-Suit seems to respond to his thoughts

    Claims he can follow Mirror Masters signal at light-speed

    Moving at light-speed

    Deactivates the chip in Mirror Master’s gun in just a picosecond

    Moving so fast that light is having trouble keeping pace

    Once gain demonstrates his ability to create a costume out of pure speed-force energy

    Breaks free from a construct made by Alan Scott

    Reading at super-speed

    Traveling through time with some help

    Runs into a Transdimensional barrier supplied by the Cosmic Gamblers

    Wally and Krakkl racing across Space and Time

    Wally (while having the speed of billions of people) races the Cosmic Gamblers who use instantaneous teleportation, he also sets every radio on Earth to a certain frequency

    His speed-suit absorbs the kinetic energy of a bullet

    Can accelerate the metabolism of others

    Lends Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter some speed so that the four of them could come up with a plan in one second

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    Lends Superman some speed so that he could move faster than light. This was before Superman could move faster than light. These days Superman can travel much faster than light under his own power

    Like several other speedsters, Wally is a walking encyclopedia

    Creates a whirlwind

    Hints that he can do math at the speed of light

    Wally races the Black Flash to the end of time and then pulls Linda out of the Speed Force

    Contains an explosion

    Wally forgot to write down his vows so he had to improvise

    Wally races against himself

    Battles future versions of Captain Cold and Heat Wave

    Can think faster than the ultimate computer

    Aquaman tells Flash not to run faster than the speed of light

    Destroys a machine by vibrating

    Damaging one of Kyle’s constructs

    His Speed-Suit repairs itself

    Wally West Vs. Cobalt Blue

    The battle continues

    Skirting dangerously close to the edge of the Speed Force and using Cobalt Blue’s gem to find his descendants

    Runs a few hundred miles before he finishes a sentence

    The most visually exciting Flash victory of all time

    Saves some hostages quicker than the eye can see

    Creates a vibration prison for Cobalt Blue

    Wally can travel through time on his own

    Travels to the 853rd Century

    Vibrates through Wetware and destroys it in the process

    Travels to the 25th Century and comes face to face with Professor Zoom

    Claims he can move faster than thought

    Wally defeats Professor Zoom in a picosecond and then destroys Cobalt Blue’s gem

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    Travels to the 30th Century

    Wally West and Barry Allen Vs. The Flashes possessed by The Cobalt Blue Gem

    Flash Vs. The Anti-Monitor. He moves so fast the he can’t be seen while stealing Anti-Monitor's kinetic energy and sharing his speed with the heroes who fought the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis. He also destroys the Anti-Matter cannon and travels back in time to outrace a tachyon

    Wally travels through time to save Barry Allen and defeats the Cobalt Blue Entity, Wally’s converts into energy and he ends up in the Speed Force

    Wally leaves the Speed Force and appears in front of Linda Park and Walter West in another Universe

    Wally West Vs. Walter West

    Wally tells Linda that he used the Speed Force to overloaded Cobalt Blue with infinite energy

    The fight between Wally and Walter continues until Kadabra appears

    Wally West and Walter West Vs. Kadabra

    Wally returns to his own Universe and confronts Kadabra and Replicant in Professor Zoom’s costume

    Wally tricks Kadabra into bringing Linda back to her proper Universe

    Wally, Walter, Max Mercury, Bart Allan, Jesse Quick, and Jay Garrick make quick work of Kadabra and Replicant [/B]

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    Wally explains how he survived Kadabra’s magical blast and made it back to his proper Universe

    Can now steal speed

    Wally and Linda finally get married

    Moving over the speed of sound while carrying Linda

    Brings down a spaceship by hurling rocks at super-speed

    Reverses a tide

    Overloads kinetic siphons and defeats Kobra

    Steals speed from Lady Flash

    Lends Aquaman some speed

    Super-Accelerates someone’s molecules

    Wally tells Jay that he’s faster than photons

    Destroys several robots

    Moves the JLA from one Universe to another

    Lending speed to the JLA teleportation beams

    Can become a energy prism when he matches the vibrational rate of certain energy

    Evacuates a building before a missile hits it

    Shatters iron

    Wally gets rid several bombs and defeats The Turtle in just a few seconds while moving so fast that everything around him appears to be frozen

    Steals some speed and makes something explode by having pass right through him

    Steals speed from Jay Garrick and lends it to Captain Cold and Mirror Master

    Resets the vibrational frequency of a city

    Steals the velocity of some bullets
    Contains an explosion

    Reads a handbook on forensic science in just ten seconds

    Catches several bullets

    Electrocutes Magenta

    Overloads some guy

    Wally’s Super-Speed sometimes kicks in when he’s in danger, even if he doesn’t consciously want to activate it

    Battles some punk called Tar Pit

    Wally battles the Weather Wizard

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    The battle continues

    Destroys a tree

    Doesn’t seem to think that the speed of Mercury is all that fast anymore

    Puts Plastic Man back together

    Wall was having light-speed seizures for twenty-two minutes but to him it felt like days

    Keeping ID in check

    Scans a maximum of half a million people in a picosecond

    Running in space

    Takes out some Parademons

    Wally Vs. The Black Racer

    Evacuates a train in seconds

    Can alter his Speed-Force costume at will

    Punches Girder five thousand times in a few seconds

    Absorbs the kinetic energy from a guy that has the momentum of a train

    Wally’s Speed-Force costume doesn’t take any damage from a knife

    Lends Jay some speed, everything around them appears to be frozen

    Speeds up cellular activity by lending kinetic energy

    Escapes from a black hole

    Meets Hunter Zolomon for the first time

    Takes a punch from Girder

    Creates a gust of wind to break the fall of two police officers

    Battles Grodd

    Blitzes a punk

    Running alongside Superman

    Creates a force ten gale

    Costume protects him from friction and high-velocity

    Contains several explosions

    An encounter with Fallout

    Wally races Bart

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    Wally outraces Superman and Jay Garrick, even though his speed was limited by Kadabra

    Takes Kadabra out

    Wally Vs. The Thinker, battle takes place in Flash’s mind

    Battles several Rouges

    Rebuilds a bridge in thirty seconds

    Finds out that Linda is pregnant

    Commenting on how the Speed Force allows him to move faster than light

    Absorbing kinetic energy from Jay Garrick, Superman, and Wonder Woman

    Has over three hundred sleep cycles a day

    Evacuates an amusement park

    Is the living embodiment of the Speed Force

    Throwing thousands of rocks near the speed of light per second

    Can vibrate other people through walls

    Blitzes a huge monster

    Absorbing the kinetic energy of a planet

    Chains a Dragon’s mouth shut

    Wally Vs. Gorilla Grodd (Round 1)

    A pissed off Wally goes after Grodd

    Wally Vs. Grodd (Round 2)

    Battles The Top

    Rescuing people

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    Wally Vs. Zoom (Round 1)

    Wally Vs. Zoom (Round 2). They circle the Earth a dozen times and cover every inch of the world while fighting, and the fight lasts less than second

    The Spectre erases the knowledge of the Flash's secret identity from the minds of everybody in the world, but the Spectre's attempts to 'reassert' its mission of vengeance over Jordan's attempts to make it a mission of redemption resulted in even Wally forgetting his identity.

    During a car accident Wally’s powers kick in, everything around him appears to be frozen

    Batman figures out that Wally is the Flash and tosses him a Flash costume

    Accidentally creates a sonic boom after catching several bullets

    Demonstrates accelerated healing after recalling past events

    Wally’s memories come back to him during a conversation with Batman

    Owns Mr. Element

    Catches a bullet

    Battles several Rouges

    Outraces Superman

    Recalls his first time meeting heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc

    Sucks the air away from Penguin and Double Down, knocking them out in the process

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