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Thread: I need the help of a writer.

  1. Slither Guest

    I need the help of a writer.

    I am more of an idea man. When I try to put my vision to paper, I get mired in wordiness and bad dialogue.

    I can offer up the premise and we could chat about what the story entails and how to write it up.

    It basically stems from a Batman Christmas story I wrote on SHSD years ago wherein Tim, Dick, and Bruce are spending Christmas in Wayne Manor looking after Alfred who has hurt his leg. when Bruce and Alfred are alone and talking, Bruce says something that finally prompts Alfred to share a treasure from his old military chest.... Thomas Wayne's military "Doctor's" log/diary.

    Seems the reason Bruce is so exceptional is that Thomas was involved in a WWII program to create a super soldier due to his research in trying to create a peak human being. BUT, Thomas' methods were more evolutionary and less speedy, so he watched as Steve Rogers was changed.

    The reason Thomas and Martha were still so young looking and had Bruce so late in their lives despite being alive and adults in WWII is that Thomas was using some of his methods on them both, keeping them vital and ensuring their child would be exceptional.

    Also turns out the Wayne's knew the Parkers, IE Peter's parents.

    And the death of the Wayne was NOT an accident, but an attempt to collect Thomas' info.... by the Red Skull. The man who pulled the trigger went on to become Crossbones.

    This tie-in with the MU is part one.

    Part two involves Bruce's travels around the world wherein we learn that while looking for training worldwide, Bruce tried some mysticism at the hands of the Ancient One and met Stephen Strange.

    And when he left there, he went to a secluded clan of ninjas for training..... and was hazed heavily by someone named Creed and befriended by someone else named Logan.
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  2. TomLupo Guest

    bruce bein' trained by the hand would be sick...

  3. Slither Guest

    In a good way?

  4. Flyattractor Guest

    I gotta agree with Slythie.
    Thinking up the stories,and the plots is all da fun.
    Actually setting down and writting it out.


  5. Slither Guest

    Worst part is I can see the scene and even imagine the conversations, but when I go to write it..... brain fart.

  6. TomLupo Guest

  7. BrandonBarrows Guest

    Is this just a prose fan fiction thing or something you intend to turn into an underground fan comic?

  8. Slither Guest

    Depends on the level of interest....

  9. BrandonBarrows Guest

    Stick with fan fiction. They get fewer cease and desist letters.

    Plus, it's way more fun to create something original than go to the trouble of creating a comic you can't publish anyway.

  10. TomLupo Guest

    i just got around to reading yer 5 page peview---good, solid reading!

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