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    New York, NY (December 13, 2010): Everyone has their favorite holiday; for some people it’s Christmas, for others, the Fourth of July. For Reggie Mantle, however, it’s April Fool’s Day! When April Fool’s comes to Riverdale High, everyone has to watch out as Reggie, the “King of Pranks,” celebrates it in grand fashion. You’ve seen what Reggie does for fun on a regular day, but how does he rise to the occasion to prove he really is “the King?” Find out this April Fool’s Day in “Reggie’s Revenge!”

    Joining Reggie for the holiday craziness are creators from all over the “Archie-verse”: Tom DeFalco (“Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.”), Tania del Rio (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”), Ian Flynn (“Sonic”), plus J. Torres, Ron Frenz, Tim Levins and Gisèle.

    “Reggie's Revenge” appears in ARCHIE & FRIENDS # 153, including these other exciting tales: “The April Fool,” “Noon Too Soon,” “King of Fools” and much more! Log on to for release dates and further details about “Reggie's Revenge” from Archie Comics!

    ARCHIE & FRIENDS # 153
    COVER: Fernando Ruiz, Mike DeCarlo and Tito Pena
    On Sale at Comic Shops: 3/9/2011
    Newsstands: 3/22/11
    Digest, 160 pgs, 30 lb newsprint, Full-Color
    $3.99 US
    Attached Thumbnails af153.jpg  

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