Yes, gentlefolk of the interweb, be at ease as I introduce you to my latest time consuming project... Comic Book Vitamins.

Here, I'll be posting my ramblings on matters pertaining to comic books. As some of you may have noticed my genre of choice has gone from big publishers like Marvel and DC (although they still have some good titles which I will continue to read) to more independent works from publishers like Viper Comics, Devil's Due, Boom Studios and many more. As a reviewer and now columnist for Project Fanboy, my head is just full of useless what's it's and non stop ramblings but if you've got a story idea or topic you think I should cover email it to me at and I'll see what I can do to quell your cravings for that particular topic or answer your question after a thorough Spy vs Spy style investigation.

And for those of you webcomic creators not in "the know", keep checking back with Project Fanboy, as we'll soon be adding a Webcomics section where you'll be able to upload and display your own webcomics and showcase them on your own Project Fanboy page!