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    “Peace and Harm-Ony,” “High School Daze,” & “The Middle Ground”.
    Betty and Veronica teach a valuable lesson in “Peace and Harm-Ony” when their mastery of demanding yoga poses leads to subbing for their instructor! Then, as Betty daydreams about her future, will she long for “High School Daze”? Finally, Veronica gets tired of being “The Middle Ground” for Archie and Reggie. Can she make herself the center of attention instead of being stuck in the middle?

    SCRIPT: Angelo DeCesare, Mike Pellowski
    ART: Jeff Shultz, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Al Milgrom, Ken Selig, John Rose, Jack Morelli, Janice Chiang, and Barry Grossman
    COVER: Dan Parent
    Shipping Date: DEC 29, 2010
    On Sale at Comic Shops: JAN 5, 2011
    Newsstands: Week of JAN 18, 2010
    Digest, 160 pgs, 30 lb newsprint, Full-Color
    $3.99 US
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